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Good news, I got a job!!!! - Carers UK Forum

Good news, I got a job!!!!

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Just a little hope I can give to some of you I hope, I know there are a lot of you who cannot work... and Ive been dying to get back into work for ages - as a lot of you know Ive two children with disabilities.

Two weeks ago I went to the job centre for a 'better off assessment' to see if I would be better off financially working - it worked out that for 16 hours on the minimum wage I would only lose my income support - I keep my carer's allowance and other benefits are topped up such as child tax credits and I will also recieve working tax credits... in addition I am getting a £250 job grant for going back to work and an additional £40 per week for the first year of work called 'In work Credit' - just for returning to work (as a lone parent). SO MUCH BETTER OFF REALLY!!!!

I started work at the weekend and I am no longer on Income support - I got called into see the manager at work today and got offered the Manager's Position and I have to now go back to the job centre with my new job offer wages and hours to do another 'better off' assessment - the chances are I am still going to be better off.

As for the children - their Dad is now pulling his weight and helping out a lot more - and a few of the other Mums at the school where my children go are childminders and I will be able to get help with childcare costs also from child tax credits - and although two of them have disabilities - the two child minders I know personally I know would be able to cope with both of my children who have problems!!!!

There is only one down fall I can see which is that I wont see my children as much - however the Manager told me - once I am Manager I can set my own hours and work around my children.
Very good news.
Well done you have showed the effort and you are getting the rewards.
If there were more people like you this country would be a better place.
Go for it Girl.
Best of luck and hope all goes well with your child care.
Well done again made my day
AAWW thanks - well it just goes to show you can be a single parent with disabled kids and still have a job!!!!
Really pleased for you Marion and i hope it all works out well for you. You are probably in a better position than carers without children because of child tax credits and working tax credits. I care full time for my husband, work for 8 hours a week, earn £80 but am only £35 better off as the only benefit I am now entitled to is carers allowance. I did have the opportunity to work for 15 hours but because i would lose carers allowance i would only have been £10 better off and that's not even taking in account care charges. I am pretty sure that the earnings limit for Carers Allowance will be scrapped when the review is announced. However carers will still lose income support if they earn above £20 a week so i really can't see sole carers who do not have dependent children being much if at all better off working especially if they have to pay more in care charges in order to be able to work. Unless that is they introduce a carers' tax credit as well.

That said I am really happy for you and wish you lots of luck in your new job
Well done Marion,hope it all goes well for you and your family.

x x x
Marion, I'm really pleased.

It can be downright impossible to get back into work for many carers - but for some it is possible and it's important to make sure the support is there for those who can.

Glad to see you got the support - not the coercion!

Well done!
Hi marion, well done you! Image

I'm glad you're financial better off as we all know every extra penny counts!

I'm afraid, I'm in the same boat as Belle, once the kids have gone, things change as the extra 'benefits' you qualify for while in work, no longer apply.

At the moment I'm only working 1 afternoon a week and keeping under the allowed rules for I.S. I too am waiting to see what happens with the review and Carers Allowance as this rule for earnings does not seem to help anyone!

Good luck in the new job!
marie x
It just goes to show - I think they need to change the rules for people who have no children - so that other carers can be better off - working or not!
It's true. Carers need additional help if they are to get back into work. I don't think the politicians realise that - even if carers are physically able to get to work - many carers cannot afford it.
My total annual income (salary and carers allowance both of which are taxed) will be about £6780 this year. I've just used the tax calculator to work out how the dropping of the 10p tax band will affect my income next year and it seems that my tax bill will increase by £80 this year. As my annual uplift is 2% on my salary and there is a small(very) rise in carers allowance i will be the grand total of £44 better off this year in income terms. Of course when you take into account inflation on basic food items, heating and petrol this year i will be a lot worse off in real terms!! As will many other carers who can only work part time who do not have dependent children or carers who have to rely on benefits. Still at least all those earning over £18500 will be better off!! Image

I am worn out trying to work part time and be a full time carer and it is especially hard going at the moment as my husband's epilepsy is unstable which means i have to keep cancelling respite and am not getting much sleep. Why am I bothering? (with the part time job not the husband who is a sweetheart)

Who cares Image