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Good Morning Everyone

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Wishing all my lovely carer friends a very good morning, hope that you are all well today, and that your caring roles are running smoothly, and also hope that you can grab a piece of ""You Time"" and enjoy a cuppa,with some biccies, you deserve it, We are nearly packed now, I forget that we are only going for 4 days and not 4 months, Ha Ha,, will talk again later on,, love you all,, Maggie xx
Thank you Image

I did manage to sneak out and got a coffee and a read of the paper. Mum thought I was shopping Image

I'm not sure if you have packed enough shoes, Maggie...

Robert x
Good morning everyone. It is certainly a beautiful morning here in Birmingham. The sun is shining and I have managed to have a lazy few minutes with a cup of coffee and biscuits while hubby is having his morning nap.
Good morning Maggie Image
Weekend again already!
Coffee is on the go..... anyone want one?
Coffee white 2 sugars please sturdygirl

Up early as ive got to go collect our new (2 hand) sofa at 9:30 then take the old one tothe tip, Going to be interesting as they will have to go on the roof of the car lol
Then got to collect a fishing rod that someone is giving me, then off to a freinds house for a couple of hours to get a break before heading home for 5 to feed and spend some time with my littlun.
Thought weekends were supposed to be restfull Image

Thats ok Mr Cameron, you have a nice comfy lay in with the maids bringing you your coffee and morning papers while the rest of us are hard at it, theres a good chap!
Wishing all my carer friends a very good morning, hope you are all well today, and that your caring roles run smoothly for you, am just doing the washing at the moment, after our mini break to Scotland, will fill you in on all the news about it later on,, take care, and God bless you all,, Love Maggie xx
Thanks, Maggie. Yes we are all sitting on the edge of our seats in expectation. Nay, in Great Expectation regarding your trip. Tell us when the washing is done. And when you have recovered from train lag. Fast train back was it Image

Good Morning Maggie,
Hope you have had a good break xx
Wishing all my carer friends a very good morning, hope you are all well today, Have now got over my train lag after our lovely 4 day break to Scotland(Glasgow) had a fab time there, didn't get much time to explore as we were at the expo nearly all day, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was time to freshen up before our evening dinner. The journey from Norwich to Peterbourough, then Peterbourough to Edinburgh on the East Coast train was not very comfortable, for David that is, as the wheelchair space was quite small, and as we were going to be on that journey for quite a number of hours, we wanted to be comfortable, then the last train journey to Glasgow was far more pleasant and spacious for David as the wheelchair space was more easilly to manoever into, that company was run by Scot Rail, in total it took 9 hours from Norwich to Glasgow, Next time we go there we will either travel 1st class or fly,, the expo was very good and quite a lot of layouts, which must have taken an age to assemble them all, the expo hall is only 10 mins away from the hotel,so at least we did have a little view of the City,the hotel is situated right in the City Centre of Glasgow, hence the name TheatreLand, as there are loads of theatres and shops, and right opposite the hotel is Cine world a giant picture house with over 14 cinema's, will put some pics on later when david has tided them up and done a bit of cutting and editing of the expo, so you can see how big some of the layouts are, will put some pics on now of the hotel,, The dining room is called La Bonne Auberge, which we were told stands for The Good Inn, will talk to you all again later on,, take care,, and I love you all,, God bless,, Maggie xxxx
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