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Good Morning Everyone

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this will keep you going,,,
Too much temptation. Too hard to resist Image

All looks very healthy too. And how did you know how I liked my eggs I wonder ?

Good morning to you too Image

Not a great day in Somerset with mum very poorly right now, but she likes having me around !

Any chance of seconds ???

Hello everyone, although its afternoon from a wet windy IOW.

Doing 2 Apple upside down cakes and 3 Banoffi pies today.
Take care everyone, mind the corners.


Good morning all Image
Conned, where did you get that picture of me from??? Image Image Image
(my dressing gown is actually purple as well!)

LOL Sturdy girl, it's a Maxine Joke... I love them.
Good afternoon all. Cousin is at his new Home for a few hours . Daughter cooking dinner what more could I want !.

We had some sleet here an hour ago, that justifies my cold weather payment, lol.

Take care all,


Wishing all my carer friends a very good morning, hope that you all have a good day today, hope the weather is good wherever you are located, it's lovely and sunny here in Stalham,, David and I are off to a pancake party tonight at our church rooms, so my diet will go on the back burner as I love pancakes,, will chat with you later, take care, and may God bless you all,xx Love Maggie xxxx
Morning to you too, Maggie x

Where exactly is Stalham I wonder ? Sorry I failed my geogrpahy o level Image

Hope you have a good day.

Hi Robert,, hope you and Mum are ok, Stalham is in Norfolk, a lovely Market Town, but David and I originally came from Leyton in East London, but we have lived here in Stalham for 6 years now, hope that you have a pleasent afternoon,, take care,, Maggie xx
Ah lovely Norfolk. I dont know that bit of England too well. Good to know there are still a few market towns about. Sounds wonderful and a contrast to where you lived before I'm sure.

Thanks for your good wishes, as always. Mum and myself off shortly to visit our very good friends at the surgery Image

Are you all packed for your trip I wonder ? Even at my age, I love the idea of a 'trip'. I get a bit stressed about arrangements but I do like an adventure. Preferably in England. Having said that, it's been a while. But you are never too old to have an adventure.

I have a friend who's mum is a keen knitter. They travelled to Egypt some years ago. She managed to find a wool shop in Cairo Image She has a nose for wool shops.

All good wishes,

Robert x
Hi Maggie,

Heres a tongue twister

A Kentukian named Knott could not knit,
so Knott invented the knitter called Knott Knitter,
but the Knott Knitter would not Knit knots.
One day while Knott was not Knitting on the knott Knitter,
Knott invented an attachment for the Knott Knitter called the Knott Knitter Knotter.
When Knott attached the Knott Knitter Knotter to the Knott Knitter,
no man could Knit Knots like Knott knit on the Knott Knitter.

Minnie Image
102 posts