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the uncared for. - Carers UK Forum

the uncared for.

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I guess,as this forum is for carers,by extention,in-part,at least,those we care for too,maybe,its not an issue for us to dwell on those with no carers to bother with them.

Maybe im an old sentimental fool,and,ok,we cannot,i guess,be our brothers keeper, Imagei was,today,very sad to hear,a very proud 80 year old ex-raf chap,living alone,has been addmitted to a home for those with mental health problems.tragic.uncared for,he.himself,gave-up,stopped caring about himself.i just felt angry and sad, Image
I have said time after time if an elderly person needs constant care and they dont have a family member who can supply the care they need , they must be cared for 1. at home via local authority 2. within residential social care , we all know the arguments re who pays for the care at home or within residential care home . the house problem will always be with us, sell the home to pay for care , the elderly who receive care at home should use their own disability benefits towards their care but retain full pension , all residential care should be "free" no sale of house but the elderly should give up all pensions to pay towards their care, if a family member is available and is both willing,able & capable to care for their elderly parent , they should be helped and supported to do so , a family member is by far the cheapest form of social care available , and we should become part of the social care system , but we should be paid not just for the work we do but for the cash we save both the Local Authoritiies & the N.H.S. .

when will they realise that social care begins at home and if we as carers accept our responsabilities the government must reward us...... and not in 2018 as Gordon Brown wants to...
i cannot add anything further to those splendid points.they are so right. Image