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Power of attorney

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Oops sorry, posted this in wrong area.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year to you all

Haven't been here for ages. Things have been difficult.

Is it a good idea to have power of attorney for my 91 year old father. He's mentally alert, but very frail. At the moment I look after his bank account which was arranged with the bank. I just don't know if I need power of attorney as well.

The other thing is I was bathing Dad a while ago, he had an inflatable bath lift which worked with a compressor. I had just pumped Dad up so I could get him out of the bath when bang! the blinking thing exploded and Dad ended up at bottom of bath. No way could I get him out and all our neighbours are elderly (we live on a park home site). Anyway Dad was panicking so I rang 999 and the operator was lovely and arranged for ambulance to come. When the paramedics arrived they were obviously peeved about coming out to help. They weren't friendly at all and said we were wasting their time, but when I asked them what else should I have done, they didn't reply. Did I do the right thing or should I have dialled 111?

Am still on a learning curve.

Thanks everyone




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Yes, definitely get a POA. I have one for mum, really useful. As for the ambulance staff, appalling. In our area the staff are happy to help - a friend of mine is a senior member of staff and he is all in favour of helping the elderly, rather than the time wasters they come across.
Hi Bowlingbun,

Thanks for that. I will look into applying for POA.

I agree, paramedics were appalling but will dial 999 again if I have to. Just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

Thanks again.

A wet, elderly, naked man in a bathtub is surely at a health risk to himself! And since the paramedics had no answer for you, I think that gives you yours!

I had to summon paramedics when my husband fell and lay moribund on the bedroom floor - like you, no way could I have lifted him back into bed on my own! (Luckily, my paramedics were much nicer than yours!)
Thanks, Jenny

You and Bowlingbun have put my mind at rest. The other thing was when they got Dad out of bath, they didn't lift him but went and got this compression cushion thing and pumped Dad up the bath with that. It was similiar to Dads bath lift. They said they don't lift people anymore. Presume its all to do with health and safety. Dad now got much better bath lift. Loads easier to use. We got it on loan from adult resources at our local council.

Hi Doglover. I'd say a Power of Attorney is a good thing. You just never know when it might be useful. I've used mine a few times.

Also, I hope your peeved paramedics were sensible and learned something from the experience. It's probably done them the world of good. Image
It should be worth mentioning that until recently, it was possible to use a POA as soon as it was signed. However, the government has now introduced a new type of POA which must be registered with the Court of Protection before it can be used. There is currently a delay of about 3 months. So it is important to arrange a POA when someone is well, rather than waiting for a crisis. Although I am only 61, I wrote a POA in favour of my eldest son a while ago.
Yes, get a PoA written and registered ASAP so you can use it when the need arises. Not having one can lead to all kinds of complications if your caree loses mental capacity and major health and financial decisions have to be made.

Like Bowlingbun, my experience of having PoA for Dad made me think about my own situation. I'm getting one drawn up later this month.
Re the paramedics' reluctance to help. Guess they'd rather be out in the city centres at the weekends sweeping the binge drinkers up off the gutters, and hosing down their ambulences after the drunks have vomited all over the insides....

A paramedic came to my father inlaw when he fell and was very rude you did the right thing in ringing them also power of attorney is a good idea hubby and mother inlaw have it over his dad and just remember there is two power of attorneys financial and medical financial if you need to deal banks and bills you send them the documents medical if a person can not make a choice and you do not want professionals to you can also have more of a say