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Gloomy article on ageing by Mary Beard - Carers UK Forum

Gloomy article on ageing by Mary Beard

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Just read a very gloomy article by Mary Beard on growing old (and becoming dependent on others.....)

Yes indeed - a gloomy article :S
why worry ... when we get old we won't have many choices if we have a carer to support us they will probably be a family member and not a friend or neighbour the state will take care of us if we have no assets ie home ownership or savings and if we do end up in care the state will take your pensions to cover the so called hotel costs if we do have assets the state will take the first £72-000 for social care but the elderly will have to pay for their rent if in residential care and god forbid if we have dementia / Alzheimer's will we know what's happening anyway for many the future is bleak .... we could of course go down the route that Baroness Warnock proposed and end our lives early to avoid us being a burden not just to the family but to the state ....I see she also calls PAID CARE WORKERS CARERS ....
George, you're an inspiration! Helped me to find just the place!

End our lives early? Hmm, how early is early!

It can be a highly rational choice at any age, depending on circumstances.

I suspect I would define 'not early' as 'whatever age I am when I become totally dependent on another human being to keep going'......

I do feel the only 'answer' is to stay as fit as possible as long as possible - and then go out like a light!

I read, elsewhere, a very good summary of ageing - "Better to die living, than to live dying'......
charles47 wrote:George, you're an inspiration! Helped me to find just the place!

:ohmy: :ohmy:
meanwhile in texas
http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/ ... 8Z20140510
Stay as fit as possible for as long as possible then go out like a light - I agree that would be the best way - if we could choose.
Mary Beard makes the waspish comment that the doctors all say that 'going out like a light' is the way THEY'd like to go, yet they have to put immense effort into keeping people alive who are in dire straits on just about every quality of life measurement.

Maybe it's like a variation on Hillaire Belloc (I think it was him).....

Instead of

"Thou must not kill but need not strive, officiously, to keep alive"....

for that extreme of geriatric care maybe it's

"Thou must not kill, and yet still must strive, officiously, to keep alive"

BUT, of course, what is the alternative (except keeping fit and going out like a light)? Maybe the dreaded DNR notice is the modern equivalent of things like pneumonia, which used to be called 'the old man's friend'.....

I do think, though, that overall, society is at a half way stage at the moment. Our ability to keep people alive has outpaced our ability to keep them alive with a decent quality of life. It's that that has to catch up. And I think our generation has seen the worst of it (I hope!) and will really buy into the 'keep fit and die living' necessity. (On the other hand ,the rising levels of obesity argue against that - though the counter argument is that such people are unlikely to make old bones anyway......)(maybe obesity becomes the new 'pneumonia'??)

It's a very gloomy article by MB, but she has the bracing honesty to look it in the face, which I think a lot of the media don't.

One thing though is for sure, we need, as a society, to invest hugely more resources into 'extreme geriatric care', or else we face two utterly unacceptable alternatives - the kind of abuse that the Panorama programme highlighted, or the exploitation of family as free carers that so many here on the forum know only too well for their own circumstances.
Sign me up for the Little Ray of Sunshine Charles :)
Me too silverday. Or perhaps the best Marigold Hotel ;)

We would all like to live healthily and happy until we keel over and die - preferably in our sleep in our own home, but statistically it aint gonna happen. I read recently that 1 in 4 over 65 yr olds have dementia :ohmy: