Hi - did anyone catch File on Four yesterday on Radio 4? It was on Neglect and Care-Workers.

Some harrowing case studies, and overall I thought that, as is usual with FonF a very good analysis and reportage BUT to my mind it only was half the story.

They did point out that with councils outsourcing care to private agencies, the buck STILL stopped with them, and they did point out that there is a very low prosecution rate for care-workers who neglect (and even abuse) their carees, and they did point out that 'money is tight' etc, but I think they really should have addressed the 'bigger picture' (other than mentioning we have an ageing population)

I think it could have done with more from the supply side point of view - how hard it is to recruit care-worker staff, what sort of staff turnover agencies have, how many care-workers are non-British nationals, how very, very difficult it can be to look after carees, especially with dementia (it did include how totally impossible it is to do anything in 15 minutes! That the elderly are 'slow' and cannot be 'rushed'.....but the funding doesn't allow for 'non-rushing'.....)

I did feel overall that it simply highlighted problem - ie, 'rogue' care-workers neglecting and abusing - who 'should' have been prosecuted - but it didn't seem to address what is the fundamental problem which is that so, so often family carers can't or won't care (I'm one of the 'won'ts'!) themselves, yet expect 'someone else' to do what they can't or won't do. We rely SO MUCH and SO CRITICALLY on all these 'someone elses' - yet expect them to work under very, very challenging conditions.

There is no 'excuse' for neglect or abuse - but there may be reasons that are not to do with 'psychopathic care-workers'.....?????