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See yer at the Movies. - Carers UK Forum

See yer at the Movies.

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My other half wanted to see the Lion King in 3D.So we went to the cinema.WOW.Mega!.So,I loved it too.The other week we went to see,in standard 2D format,WARHORSE.A fantastic movie.In the best movie-making tradition.Two 3D reboots are on our list next. Image

Starwars Episode 1.Never seen it,But Herself is a fan,so cool. Image

Titanic. For the yukky mushy romance and 3D effects too. Image

After years away,I am back at the cinema,wow.FANTASTIC too. Image

Do you folks visit the Cinema much?.Seen any cracking movies?.Tried 3D?. Image

Don`t get to the movies these days,but love movies on TV/DVD.Mainly thrillers/sci fi/horror.Silence of the Lambs and sequels,Alien and sequels,Jaws and sequels,Zulu,and anything with Clint Eastwood,thats me happy. Image Image Image
Oh,I love those movies.Alien movies,Sci-fi,er...well some of it,Clint is Mega!.Oh wow!.Classics.
I love a good old comedy too.
took my son to see Shrek in 3D. I used to love the cinema, but not so much nowadays.

At home, one of my favourite films is Breakfast at Tiffany's.
CLASSIC.Breakfast at Tiffany,s.A fine movie.
hi all dont for get that any one on D L A canget a C E A card that lets the carer in to the cinema for nothing the card is £5.00 for the year posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=18166#
Thanks for the tip Eileen Image

Love the cinema. The cinema I visit is more likely to be at home nowadays, but I still occasionally make up cinema tickets (coloured in with colour pencils! No expenses spared here!) - one seat for me, one for Grace and one for the dog (Heh heh. Bonus! He wouldn't be able to get into regular cinemas Image ), act as usher, turn the lights off, phones off, undisturbed home cinema with snacks on hand. Plus we can stop it for toilet breaks Image
Bertiebear, I used to do that when my children were young!We didn't take the phone off the hook, we just ignored it,and the front door.The children would bring their duvets downstairs, snuggle down and we would have a lovely couple of hours.
Thanks for putting the lovely memory back into my mind! Image
Bertiebear I have done that as well and the children loved it.
These days we do go to the cinema, went yesterday to watch Man on a Ledge. next week we will watch The lady in Black. Sometimes though we don't go for several weeks if there is nowt showing we want to see.
Avatar was brill in 3D some films aren't that good in 3D though, waste of the extra monie it costs to watch them.
Map, can we have a review on Lady in Black please? Image