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Dehydration and where it can lead! - Carers UK Forum

Dehydration and where it can lead!

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Hi,my name is Dave,i just started posting here yesterday,i/we have been through the mill recently as my wife Vera(71) had become dehydrated as the result of an infection; attributable to gallstones all of which we were unaware of until she was rushed into casualty twice within a month!
I was getting her up ,giving her a breakfast and after she was ready she basically sat watching TV most days ,however i had noticed that she was recently getting tired a lot and started forgetting things.She then became very pale and ended up having involuntary diahorrea in the bed we share ,i helped her to the toilet ,we were both covered in something along the lines of black slurry(apparently most of it was loperamide hydrochloride and ferrous sulphate that she took as part of her meds!
She then had something called rigour or riga,which was a disturbing violent shivering which was the bodies way of losing heat quickly ,probably due to the fact that because of her gallbladder she had developed a severe infection in the gut!
Basically i thought she was going to die,it really frightened me ,we rushed to a + e and several days of drips later she had her gallbladder removed,phew we were sooo relieved but it was short-lived relief.
When we got home she had lost her appetite completely,for 14 days we were lucky to get 2 bits of bread down her each day and she went down to just above 7 stone from 8 in hospital!
No amount of pleading or reasoning could encourage her to eat,anyway i forgot to mention she still had diahorrea ever since leaving hospital and was going 12-15 times a day!!
Today i decided she was not getting even the slightest bit better so i rang her GP who agreed and sent an ambulance to take her in!
So today she is back in hospital,totally dehydrated again and as she only has one kidney from birth they are concerned as the remaining one may have been affected by the dehydration.
God knows where this is leading but until they find out she's just not going to eat and i'm frightened that some major organ will fail!
Anyway,dehydration is quite hard to spot ,drinking cups of tea doesn't really rehydrate enough and it can sneak up on you and cause the results that we are now having to come to terms with!
Just got home and sitting alone thinking about her in hospital,please don't let dehydration affect your caree,it is a silent killer and it can cause a myriad of problems!
hello Dave, so sorry you had such a worry with vera, and i do hope she makes a good recovery.
I'm having problems with hubby at the moment, he is depressed, and the sleeping in front of the tv bit struck a chord as I, too have been worried about dehydration. I have to remind/persuade him to eat and drink.
Thank you for the warning, i agree with you. It can just sneak up.
I also make sure he has yoghurts and jellies in his diet, I think at least he is getting something there in the way of liquid.
(((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to you and vera,
Phoebe x