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the so called caring profession

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were to start,well lets start with terrys pain killers not in his doset box friday phoned doc wont be ready till monday chemist wont have them till tuesday so poor sod is in pain,his catheter is bloke or some think not peeing nurses are serpose to come in to keep it clear wont come in say i have to get in touch with hospital for pemision, hospital say no docs job i have told him and told him still not happerning thay will come in to unbloke it if thay can 9 times out of 10 he ends up at hospital peeing blood and thay go mad but still you gessed it big fat 0 happerns,i phone doc cause i think he needs to come in, more oftern than not thay leave pesciption at front desk then i have to find someone to get them for me cause i have a problem walking very far and the doctors is a long way i want him to have restbite care i want him to go some were not a hospital but some were thay can see all his problems see when he cant breath see when he is in pain see him fall see he cant walk see he cant use his hands see how hard it is to bath him when he will let you even with the disable shower see him panic see how bad his skin is see all the blood on his clothes on his bedding and how hard it is to get clean ,see him saying he wants to die see him going crazy with pain in his neck see him spilling pee every were cause he wont let me empty bags he wants to keep some dignity he wont fill paperwork cause he is scared thay wont let him out i no but thats how it is and i tell them i not copeing i need a rest thay dont care you done it all these years whats changed in my head i scream i hope this happern to you one day you selfish load of !!!! but of cause i will carry on cause thats wot we do and thay no it ,the nures say thay will come out be round about 4 in the moring i mite be lucky thay mite come a bit earler i am not haveing ago at them its not the nurses its the !!! folk that run it all and its all to do with money or lack of it there is so much more i could say but at the moment this is all i can Image
Oh Fairymagic you seem really worn out and over loaded at the minute. I'm sure some one with a bit more knowledge may be along soon to offer advise. So please accept my hug for now.
I had lots of problems with prescriptions this is what I do now.
Order them online, the chemist collects them from the GPs, I then collect them from the chemist.
If I was unable to collect the chemist do have a delivery service. Talk to chemist and see what they offer some will even order the prescriptions for you. Its only a small thing but it reduces the stress. Being without painkillers is the worst thing if you're in pain when this has happened to my hubby I've made a fuss until the prescription has been written. If its been my fault that the orders not been placed I own up and explain the stress I'm under.
Ask for a carers assessment they may be able to help with the laundry and the respite
hi thankyou for getting in touch i will try to get carers assessment though i not sure how yet,trouble with the chemist is they wont deliver because its controld drugs thay say thay are not aloud,oh well he is asleep at the moment plenty to do thankyou agian Image
I am sorry you are under so much strain and ur partner has to suffer.
We have drugs delivered each month, never comes exactly on time so we have been caught out before. We just asked for a little more than needed and stock up a bit, for times when u are let down. Why not try ringing around and seeing if there is a chemist that will deliver? U don't have to stick to a particular one, long as it is local. Also, if ur partner keeps getting admitted to hospital because care is not good enough, complain formally. Sounds like u have a good case for neglect, he should not be left so he bleeds, that is awful for u both. I wish you good luck, keep going xxx
nothing changes all still the same rottern world this is when no one cares x
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((Fairy)))))))))))))))))))))))) Image
Our dear Fairy, loads of hugs to you. You know we care about you and hubby and are concerned that you don't end up like you did before.
Gotta be strong with these people, professionals, doctors, DN's, the SS and the like. Make sure they know how you're feeling and what you can and can't cope with.
I wish you luck looking after your Terry again and want you to be careful and look out for yourself.
And another thing, if YOU want to change the bags, then just go and do it, hospital or not, they cannot stop you looking after your husband the way only you know best. I did that for Mark when he was in hospital and woe betide any of them try to stop me. They should be glad you were/are trying to help (another job less for them to do). They'll say that whilst he's there he's their responsibility, but he's your husband and you know how to look after him best.
Wish I could come and help you.
Take care lovely friend.
thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx