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Getting Married

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Churches usually have church halls nearby, but often the loos are very small. You may not be able to find one with a loo big enough for the hoist etc.
Not so much the venue as the size of the loos. We're all racking our brains here.
In the case of a man it would not be such a problem as they can use a leg bag (as my son does) but I don't know if there is a female equivalent. What about a female urine bottle and then your mum would not have to come out of her chair at all? I don't know what would happen about the number 2's though.

They have female mini-urinals now for pop festivals or pee collection, they might be handy. http://www.eganmedical.com/Female-Urina ... urinal.htm

Or she might like to try a unisex device called a Go Bag, which turns liquid into a solid gel for easy disposal. The Go Bag is a double plastic bag containing a pouch of dry crystals which swell to form a solid gel when liquid is added. The top of the bag can then be sealed, allowing it to be simply thrown away. Already in use by the US army, the Go Bag has recently been marketed at festival goers of both genders who frequently encounter 'unsanitary situations'.
Thank you, you have all been so helpful. I have spoken more about it to mum and she has said she will speak to her M.S nurse to talk about the options for toileting. I have also had a lovely meeting with the SS (talking about other issues) but dropped it into the conversation and she said they are many people who could potentially help. So I am now much less worried about it Image x
That's good, so now you can have all the fun of planning a lovely day,knowing that your Mum will also be able to be there all day.x Image
Hi, I'm recently engaged! I am very excited to plan a wedding but my first thought is how am I going to arrange for my mum to be there all day. Mum has M.S and is in a wheelchair, she needs 2 people to hoist her to take her to the toilet. I would need all the equipment at the venue (not started looking yet) and is need someone to help her eat. I wondered if anyone else has organised their big day around the person they care for?
Congratulations Hannah81 Image

I had no option but to do so, given that my (now) husband is also my caree. Image

So... no reception, no going for drinks afterwards, no meal, no party. Just the legal bit at a very nice Town Hall, and photos in the grounds of it.

Even that exhausted him enough (he's got moderate to severe M.E.) that he relapsed for a fortnight afterwards.
I'm sorry to hear he relapsed afterwards Image x
If you chose to get married in a hotel ask to see their accessible bedroom, most big hotels have one. The bathroom are usually wet room sized and the hoist etc could be stored in the room all day and maybe mum can get a lie down if it gets too much .
I have found and booked a venue! It's completely accessible with one huge disabled toilet (big enough to take hoist if needed) Mum has agreed to have a temporary catheter.
We have also started looking at private carers for the day. Will have to pay extra for them but that will be priceless for me!
Now I can start thinking of me Image x
Thats wonderful Image

Enjoy your planning xx