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Furious at care staff and managers - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Furious at care staff and managers

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Won't use PEGS?!?! How daft is that, I've never heard of anything so bl**dy stupid. My son is brain damaged, can't read, write or count but he lives alone with help and most definitely knows how to use a peg. Have you thought about the Care Quality Commission? Registered care agencies have minimum standards which they must meet - they're currently investigating my mum's care agency. I honestly think that the local authority ought to be much more proactive in supporting carers and carees by investigating such complaints with offering to install hidden cameras for a week and monitoring the situation themselves. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?
Having gone into orbit over the pegs, I've just had a thought. Long ago, as chairman of a registered charity for children with various illnesses, I applied to the Florence Nightingale Trust on behalf of one of my mums who needed some equipment. This was some years ago, so things might have changed, but they rang me and asked me to get in touch if I knew anyone else who could claim, as they had plenty of money!! I wonder if they might be able to fund a washer/dryer for you? I have one, and so has mum, dirty washing in, clean dry washing out, one less job to do. If you go down this route, get the largest capacity drum you can find, as some of them wash quite a lot but don't dry the full load, which defeats the object a bit.
CQC are a waste of time.I would either contact my MP or go to the press/local tv.There is no point wasting time with these moronic managers who will never do anything unless pushed,so push them....hard.Look at your situation as a news headline,write down everything about the situation that would grab your attention if you were reading it about somebody else,and contact the only people who can actually draw attention to this idiocy.....the media.Good luck. Image
Don`t start me about laundry!

When the free personal care was rolled out in Scotland we encountered a problem with homecarers who considered that switching on the washing machine and transferring washing to the drier was DOMESTIC............not personal. The arguement ensued for months until I contacted the Scottish Office for the rules, then went back to them explaining that without clean clothes a person was not being properly cared for and they decreed that laundry was part of personal care.

Care plans seldom adhered to and I have to stop myself going to Dad`s every day to tidy up behind the homecarers who leave wet towels on the bathroom floor, never rinse the shower behind them...ad nauseum.

You are not alone.

Take care