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Furious at care staff and managers

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So we have items stolen and reported it to management and then forgot about it. No fingers pointed. Cut to a few weeks later and we have been told that some of our carers refuse to come in alone because they feel vulnerable, because of the reports of items missing. End results - management have let their staff completely call the shots and not come to deliver care, multiple shifts not covered so I will probably have to take more time off work, and for how long exactly?
I cannot believe this. We have items stolen from us, my caree is completely dependent, we have them coming into our home and THEY feel vulnerable. What a ******* joke. WE are the vulnerable ones, we have lost something and now we are being punished again. What were we supposed to do, ignore theft? and how on earth can management just let them not turn up and bow to the pressure. If someone was stealing from my office and I said I feel vulnerable, I'm not coming in, they would said, fine, you're sacked. I cannot believe the NHS managers are so stupid. Just to repeat, as I can't believe it, we have something stolen from us and the carers aren't happy. GO FIGURE. This is a rod for their own back. And as for the carers, we have been good to them. Some have worked with us for years. Just goes to show that these people don't give a crap. My opinion of them has been obliterated. We have done nothing and yet they just decide to let us down and kick up a storm and make life really difficult for us, because it's not difficult enough already? Clearly they don't care about my partner at all. I cannot believe
this is happening. I know there is one who is probably the ring leader and has others riled, but how weak are these people? Are they not thinking of what happens next? How can they face us again? All that trust down the pan. I don't want them back in our house at all if they can do this without a word, no discussion, nothing. Its like children throwing their toys out the pram .yes, they are happy to take the perks of the job, such as independence, being trusted in someones home, autonomy, no one to supervise all day, yet the minute the cons of the job are realised, they don't want to know. I can't bear the NHS, this is just a pattern. It's always the same. Something happens to us, they kick up a storm and threaten to take away care. Its like a way to stop anything ever being investigated or done about poor care. Always the same - attack to defend. Argggghhhh. Some people are just cruel and thoughtless and management don't even appear to have any control at all.
I was going to suggest move to another care provider but then I noticed it was nhs staff. Sounds like a cul de sac you are in. But if you have complained about theft to the nhs then they ought to have undertaken a proper investigation. Not sure if it will do much good, but in your shoes I would make a formal complaint if you feel you have evidence of staff taking things, and if you feel this has not been investigated properly, AND if you know feel that services are not being provided because you have made allegations. You need to find out about the complaints procedure and make use of it.

I'm sorry to hear about this. Its all you need. Although I can understand carers feeling uncomfortable about being accused of theft, your allegations must be investigated properly, and the service should not be effectively withdrawn meanwhile. Having said that, an employer often will suspend staff during an investigation. Not sure if this is the case with you.

If for some reason complaining locally comes to nothing, I have often found that an MP usually manages to get the nhs rethinking matters in cases where errors have clearly been made, or where people have been treated unfairly. Letters to MPs can be surprisingly effective.

I'd be very angry in your shoes too.....

I think i will be on to my MP first thing tomorrow, thanks Robert You are right, they should not withdraw care and there has been no mention of any investigation, not that we needed it, we had completely forgotten about it, that's what makes this so ridiculous. Complaints procedure is rubbish. We have been through that before and got no where. The whole systems just feels totally corrupt.
There is never any accountability with these people.
Do what you feel is going to help the situation.

Take care Image

First of all they have a duty of care to ensure continuity of care.

Second they have a duty to investigate the complaint - and should have brought in the police to do this as there is suspicion of a criminal act under safeguarding vulnerable adults rules.
How I sympathise and agree with you, LilR. After the recent episodes with my book pages being ripped out and now an entire enormous, expensive roll of industrial strength velcro gone missing from the drawer where hubby's things are, in the wetroom and his missing Ipod which was a present from his brother, plus the event on Christmas Eve - I don't trust any of the PAs now either. Unless we lock every single thing away in the filing cabinet, we cannot be around and in view of the PAs every single part of the day. I cannot follow them around everywhere and when they leave, or change shifts, I can't go through their personal bags and suitcases and check them, can I? There isn't any comeback or traceability for any of these things or occurances and when we discover that things are actually missing or damaged - the PAs have long gone, so who knows which one has done these things. A couple of antique bookmarks have been broken and spoilt too, an accident whilst dusting maybe, that's ok, but the person who broke them didn't say anything and I only discovered the breakage when I was re-arranging the room.
What can you do?
Go to the police? Go to the agencies? How can culprits be found now and how can you make accusations after they've gone?
And yes, staff can refuse to come to your home. We have been 'struck off' of a couple of agencies, simply because their PAs accused us, time and again, of having 'high standards' here.

We put up with the intrusion, all the lack of privacy, all our private items on show (family photos, books, belongings) which we don't want to lock away - why should we not see our things? Monetary matters and banking and keys and correspondences are in the filing cabinet, of course. But for all this, we still get slaughtered and if anything goes wrong, of course it's our fault Image Image Image Image
And people wonder why I'm so bitter and angry (maybe angry instead of depressed???) and untrusting and now, not wanting to go out and leave my home (and hubby who can't do a single thing) with the PAs alone in it.
Thats not a nice situation, however if you have had something stolen from you, have you called the police?
IF the police happened to take it seriously enough to pay the care managers a little visit that would REALLY put the wind up them!

Situations like this make me really angry.
We're caught between the devil and the deep blue sea though, cos the assistants could (and as lilR says, have) refuse(d) to come to her mum's house. Then where are they both? Can of worms, we can't win or defend ourselves in situations like these, because the care managers always seem to be on the employees' sides. If there's no proof, no actual 'sightings' of thefts/damages, there is little the police can actually do or say, without being accused of false accusations themselves. Grrr.
Oh Fran, I completely know where you are coming from and emphathise.
You are so right. We have to put up with a total invasion of privacy and so many incidences of poor care or carers not taking care of our home and things, or worse, stealing them. So many times I ask carers to do things, and I come home and they have only ticked of half the things, even though there was twice the time to do them. No excuse, nothing. I think these people just want an easy ride, to perform basic care duties, like nursing care then cruise it watching television all day, I wouldn't be surprised.
We have to put up with tasks just not being done, like you are completely ignored, even if you go through instructions in detail, you might as well talk to a brick wall, as even though they smile, they have no intention of carrying it out. We have our homes damaged, things taken, caree not cared for properly and ignored some of the time, and yet lo and behold if we dare to report anything, they re suddenly up in arms and crying about their rights and making up any shit they like because suddenly, even though everything was just fine the day before, there's a real problem today. All so if they kick up a fuss, then the real issue we have just raised is forgotten in the process, just a diversion tactic. And then nothing is done. And the care managers let it happen as most of them are too stupid and can barely string a sentence together. Just reading the communications I get sent from them makes me wonder if they ever went to school. I can't believe these people went into the 'caring' profession, as they just don't have a fraction of the insight, compassion and inspiration they need. In fact some of the time they are just plain unkind.
The thing that bugs me is that I'm running around after them (same as you do) and we know we shouldn't have to, following up on everything they should have been doing plus doing our normal jobs as well. . . . And then it's they who complain that they're tired and that they've got too much to do and go around sighing and slopping about cos they're tired and we're expecting too much of them.

No, we shouldn't follow behind them all the time, but what do we do? Keep on at them and on at them until they leave cos they say we're nagging them all the time? Or leave caree's equipment dirty or messy for them to get an infection - which WE will have to deal with afterwards? Should we just use dirty mugs from the cupboard? Or leave the cooker spattered in fat? Or leave the kitchen worktops spattered in fat and not wiped properly (just flapped over after meals)?

Then when I point things out to them, either they get in a strop or hubby does.

Anyway, must go, got the veggie patch to dig over, rabbit diggings and holes to repair in the garden and the van's fuel to sort out and the whirly washing line to take down - despite asking her to do it yesterday, cos it was down when she started - so put it down when you've finished..... Grown women, who should know better and have some kind of responsiblity are worse than children. I expect to teach my 4 year old grandson how and why to do things, but I'm damned if I'm going to teach a grown woman how to do clothes washing or to use clothes pegs on the line to stop things falling off it onto the ground (like yesterday - then got laughed at when I asked why clothes were on the muddy yard and why didn't she use the pegs?). Was told she couldn't find them - er - I try to make it simple, because they're always in a basket beside the washing machine and the laundry basket is beside them. Can't be bothered to look more like.

It's no wonder we get mad and constant little things, mount up to larger things altogether and professionals just don't care, not their house, not their stuff, not their standards, not their carees.