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funding for elderly social care

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if the government via N.H.S. / G.P. / Local authorities were able to provide social care / care in general for the "elderly" probably those in retirement would you be prepared to have all disability benefits removed from them ? worth over 4 billion per year this cash would then be used to fund the care for the elderly means testing would still be used as it is now re social care in 2020 the £72-000 cap may be implemented the removal of disability benefits would end the automatic entitlement to carers allowance .. this pops up now and again on various forums many see attendance allowance as a top up for pensions my mother is in receipt of constant attendance allowance via M.O.D. as part of war disablement pension others can claim C.A.A as a result of industrial injuries from what I see the target is wealthy pensioners claiming A.A. again that's the home owners or those with private / occupational pensions ...
In practice, a means assessment is done by an LA before providing services. They take away insist that the equivalent of AA is given to the LA as a "contribution" so in practice it happens anyway to many.
many elderly in receipt of attendance allowance or constant attendance allowance may not be seen as "ill" enough to qualify for social care & if the were the care provided could be as little as one hour per day A.A. at say £70 per week £ 10 per day in 2020 the hourly rate for paid care workers will actually be over £10 per hour .. the A.A. is often used by the elderly to financially support the carer especially if its a close family member in receipt of carers allowance all £62 per week & as we know the £9 per day carer is usually available 24/7 ....
George, whatever arrangements families have over the AA/CAA (and the government recognises that it's possible for an elderly person to give their AA/CAA to their carer as payment), social services will still charge up to the maximum they can from the AA/CAA.

As for the Care Act charging provisions that were delayed to 2020, they were not as generous as the government suggested. And if they do come in, there's a question whether they can introduce those regulations a month before a general election as it could be seen as an attempt at vote buying.