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full care charges

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Hope someone can help

Person I am caring for has been financially assessed and been told they have to pay for care themselves, as they have sufficent funding,
They are single living on their own, living in council house, no savings shares etc.
I thought you had to have over £20,000 of savings to have to pay full care.

Please can someone help , he has been paying low amount, £47.22 a week then suddenly reassessed as having to pay the full amount themselves.

There is no explanation letter , maybe someone has told the council he has savings, he doesn't even know how much the full charge is doesn't say in the letter.
The care agency looking at the website charge £22 an hour, he gets 2 hours a day, a quick calculation that's about £300 a week.

can anyone advise don't want him worrying over Christmas.

Thank you
There should have been a full financial assessment, when he had to show income and expenditure. At the end of the assessor's visit, he should have immediately been told what his contribution would be. Has he had a proper assessment with anything written down? If not the rules are being broken. These are national rules, not optional. The assessor should also have checked that he was receiving all the benefits he was entitled to, Attendance Allowance, for example.
I think the threshold is £23,250

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/globalassets/a ... me_fcs.pdf

Does he have ANY savings, or has he only got his income, whatever that may be, to live on?