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Im giving up my pt job, because - Carers UK Forum

Im giving up my pt job, because

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Im sick of feeling like a criminal re the CA unit everytime my wage goes over the allotted limit through no fault of my own.
I have to send pay slips, letters from my employer (who incidentally is fed up of it) explaining why I got a backdated pay rise of £29.00 over 6 months. Also when they paid me £24.00 by mistake, I had to send a letter, pay slip, accompanying letter to tell them that my employer was sorting it and would be deducting it in due course, Then I had to go through the rigmarole of sending another letter, pay slip, employers letter to prove this has been done.
Im not a criminal but having to do all this is making me feel like one. Im sick of it.
Why cant the CA dept get up to date like the tax credit dept and send us a yearly income form? Surely it wouldnt be hard to do and spread our income /wages over the financial year, while we keep within allotted earnings limits?
Im employed by the NHS by the way.
Im going over to monthly pay from weekly soon, they are giving some staff a small payment to help them over the hardship of transferring from weekly to monthly for covering direct debits etc.
I will be the only one working there who has to go through all this rigmarole again, and, although Im still caring, will have to give up my CA for that week just because its again no fault of my own.Yet I will still have the same financial hardship of transferring from weekly to monthly payments.
Im fed up of having to give my personal financial details up through the chain of command till they get to the boss.
I have a right to privacy, yet the CA unit doesnt seem to recognise this.
And, incidentally, because of the CA limit, Im not able to go on mandatory training courses even if I could go on them, (which I cant due to caring duties,) because they are paid.
Again and again we are penalised in every direction even though we try our best.
Well, Im fed up of it all.
And , I suppose when I do give up work I will then be placed on JSA and be penalised even more because I am entitled to claim CA.
Mairie, this is the sort of thing that MPs don't hear - and following on from the recent Work and Pensions Select Committee, I'd suggest that your MP DOES hear this...
My husband's words are ringing in my ears after reading this post:

"We're treated like criminals because I'm in this." (Meaning the wheelchair). Image
Mairie, I agree with Charles, this is something your MP, in fact ALL MP's ahould hear.
hi mairie

i agree with charles too, also i feel that you
don't need all this stress, sending you

Thank you, yes it is stressful.
Does CUK know about this issue and how it affects carers who try to work while claiming CA?
They do, Mairie, and that is one of the aspects of their "Real change, not short change" campaign. For more details, please see: http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaigns/Shortchanged

Part of the introduction reads: "Carers are being short changed by an outdated benefits system that doesn’t recognise their contribution to society. The main benefit for carers - Carer's Allowance - is just £50 a week – the lowest of its kind. Unfair rules act as a disincentive for carers who are able to work, while some, including those over 65 or sick, miss out on carers’ benefits altogether. "

If a carer is able and wants to work, there should be no artificial barriers: this situation is ridiculous.
Hello Marie,
I know exactly how you feel. I work in education and Ive been stuck on the same pay level for 3 years. I just manage to stay under the limit because my head is aware of the situation and is very helpful.
My job helps me financially and emotionally. I can just be "me" at work, not a carer/fighting social services/juggling appointments etc. I gave it up at one stage and became deeply depressed. Luckily my Head held my job open for a year in case I changed my mind and organised it so that I can work two days a week.
I still provide care for my son for five days a week, plus nights etc the total hours equate over 100+. The Government seem to live in a bubble and I have given up writing or protesting. I dont think anything ever reaches the inner core of Government, they are protected by an army of civil servants.
I agree with you Daisy.
Thanks for replying.
I'm really sorry to hear about you giving up your job Mairie i can imagine what i god send it can be to have that little time out something i wish i had.
It has made me wonder something though if you are not the one who is recieving the CA and you go to work will the carers allowence still be deducted at a certain point?
As i've said before i would love to work and there are certain times of the day it may be possible but now after hearing this it's making me wonder if it would be more hassle than it's worth, i am not the one who recieves the CA it's my other half but if i worked would that mean she would be penalised?

this really does seem like we''re getting a really rough ride at the moment.