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I am so confused as to who will be entitled to the free personal care within their own home .
The government have set a figure of 280-000 up to 400-000 these peole wil haver critical needs and must requier help with things like FEEDING.DRINKING,TOILETING & PERSONAL HYGIENE but how do they come to this figure of 280-000 - 400-000 we have some 6 million carers of course not all caree`s req this level of care however we do have some 1.5 million carers ( if my memory is correct) who live with the person they care for spouse / partner close relative and we have some 750-000 carers who receive the carers allowance and as we all know to be entitled to the carers allowance the person you care for must req help with, as they say bodily functions i am sure many elderly disabled will fall into the critical needs level of help. Over the weekend B.B.C. highlighted the problem of an 88 year old lady and her son i am not sure if she is in receipt of either A.A. or D.L.A. or if her son receives carers allowance but she thought the free personal care at home would be good for her as it would enable her to live at home and keep her out of the residential social care system if the free personal care is available for this lady then all elderly disabled who req care should apply for this help and as it is "FREE" if you are in receipt of either A.A.or D.L.A. your cash benefits can not be removed to "PAY" for your care .
The new national care service is seperate from the free personal care at home system yet it will deliver the same service but this national care service may be funded by the removal of A.A & D.L.A. from the over 65`s some 2-3 million pensioners even this figure is now being disputed as for every one person who claims A.A. or D.L.A. there could be another without the benefit but will still need care if you do have A.A. or D.L.A. and it is removed you will without a care plan ( governments assurance) will receive the same level of cash support therefore if more peole claim help from the new national care service and all the A.A.& D.L.A. is returned to the people who have had it removed where will the extra cash come from to fund the new claimants for help via the new national care servce

close friend of mine , his mother is in residential care home she is private and pays her own way he has told me that as she is private she still gets her full pension plus her attendance allowance she loses no benefits at all is that right ??? but if the new nationalcare service starts will she lose her attendance allowance
It's based on the criteria for "critical" needs, George - not just about needing help but being in danger if they don't get the help.
We are all confused about Who will get free personal care , only for those who are considered to be critical.

From my understanding 'critical' will be assessed through the NHS eligibility test and will have a nursing need.

The National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS funded Nursing Care 2009.
Loo at the pathway Decision Support Tool as this identifies who is entitled to be considered for continuing healthcare, and who should receive 100% free care.

http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsand ... /DH_103162

Also look at this site;
http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/c ... statistics
If it is available for all with critical needs i would encourage all who have A.A. or D.L.A. to claim their help from the new "free" personal care scheme as it is "free", you will as i`ve said above not be charged therefore you will keep all your benefits ....
the 280-000 - 400-000 will be well short of the mark if all on A.A.& D.L.A. are entitled to this free personal care at home- BUT what will then happen to the other new scheme the national care service if those on A.A. & D.L.A. are receiving help via the free personal care at home they will not need the new national care service but would they still lose their A.A. or D.L.A. if thats how the new national care service may be funded in that case you will be paying for your "free" personal care .
I am off to see my psychitrist as i now need some free personal care as i`ve gone mad just who dreams up all these scheme`s do they never sit down and just think of the problems not just the benfits that change`s will cause.....

FEEDING , DRINKING , TOILETING , PERSONAL HYGIENE the 4 tasks that will be the bench mark for those who claim critical needs the old doll can feed / drink herself she can wipe her own bum but if i was not available who would cook the meals and help her into the toilet who will help with her washing / showering and the cleaning of her clothes / bed clothes and so on she needs constant care but in my mind she does not come under the critical needs criteria . I can see thousands of elderly people being refused help as they can do just the basic`s re their own care . medication is my main worry the old doll relies on me to look after her medication yet s far as i know the care at home service will not be allowed to issue medication .
No doubt most people will remain in the same situation they are in now -and get absolutely nothng! Judged not needy enough for one system and too needy for the other!

Reminds me of a family I knew some years ago - the daughter was allowed home from hospital with mum doing the IV meds - but mum couldn't even go shopping as she wouldn't be back in time for the next lot of meds - they tried to get a nurse in to cover two lots of meds to give mum a break - answer was no as the nurses weren't trained to give those particular IV meds - as the mum pointed out - neither was she but she was doing it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Och, I never take "no" for an answer. If at first you don't succeed .... just escalate!
Charities back free personal care bill.
Personal Care at Home Bill [Bill No 11 of 2009-10]

The Government has said that the proposals in the Bill will help those with the highest needs – that is people in the critical FACS band.

The criteria for the critical band are as follows]FACS Critical when- [/b]

• life is, or will be, threatened; and/or
• significant health problems have developed or will develop; and/or
• there is, or will be, little or no choice and control over vital aspects of the
• immediate environment; and/or
• serious abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur; and/or
• there is, or will be, an inability to carry out vital personal care or
• domestic routines; and/or
• vital involvement in work, education or learning cannot or will not be sustained; and

The FACS eligibility criteria appears to be different from that of the NHS eligibility criteria – yet according to all that I have read the National Framework Decision Support Tool will be a universal tool to determine the criteria for LA’s and Social Service. Can anyone enlighten me?
Lord Lipsey, I hope Gordon Brown will reflect on whether this proposal is in the national interest or merely designed to achieve party political interests.
http://www.parliament.uk/commons/lib/re ... 09-090.pdf
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... alcarebill
Excalibur.. If at first you don't succeed .... just escalate!
I was called aggressive by a nurse and a social worker for standing up for my rights and i had the piece of paper to prove it (in law). Funny thing is that when a woman stands up for her rights she’s called aggressive but when a man stands up for his rights it called being assertive... Image

I've just applied for my mums medical records to be released - cannot wait to see what it say's about me probably something like the psychotic daughter Image
Talking about things that nurses say STAN was admitted to hospital on a Thursday morning with a stroke (mini)= i was asked to travel to London on the Saturday for meeting with CUBAN officials re our charity cycle ride it was just depart 09-00 back home 20-00 as i was looking after STAN i turned down the "day out" but as he was in hospital i decided to join the lads and pop down to London but late on the Friday they said STAN could go home i asked if he could stay in till the Sunday as i was not available to care for him i even asked if i could pick him up late on Saturday the senior nurse done her nut she asked if i was being paid to care for STAN she then said "then take him home and care for him then"- i contacted the consultant and would you believe it they then kept him in till the following Thursday he did have another mini stroke on the Sunday ......
i did get an apology 20 months later ..
i did not go to London if i had gone down it would have been my first "day off" in 4 years.

Calling for an urgent meeting with the Department of Health to help clarify the issues, ADASS president Jenny Owen said: ‘Government assumes that personal care needs can be met through an average package of 6.54 hours of care per week at £15.75 per hour amounting to £103 per week