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care contracts?

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As you mayy remember, mum came out of hospital with a discharge to assess care package and was later assessed for a long term care package. Mum never completed a financial assessment and hasn't signed anything. She will be paying the council for her care.

Just what sort of written contract did your local authority have your caree sign before starting long term in home care?

How detailed was it? Did it have lots of legal fine print?
There should be a full financial asessment, with evidence taken of all income and expediture.Then the LA should give full details of how they arrived at the charge in writing. The first 12 weeks will involve a capital disregard ,considering only income.
We never received anything from the LA. If we had, would the LA have required mum to have signed agreeing to the LA's findings, or would they have taken the signature on the financial assessment as being evidence of a contract for services? Again, mum never did complete the assessment.
As Dad was self funding and also never had a financial assessment, I signed all the contracts with agency staff on his behalf.
Yes there was quite a lot of small print to plough through.
In Hampshire ther is a Financial Assessment Department of Social Services. Maybe find out if your LA has one, and speak to them directly. It will be at the Head Office, not local office. They should also be checking that mum is claiming all the benefits she is entitled.to.
Thank you Henrietta and Bowlingbun. The LA financial assessment form, that we didn't complete had a general information front page which asked for a signature. It was under the statement that the applicant agreed to pay the full cost of care. It had a note to say if you want to know what that cost would be, you needed to contact the relevant department. Well, mum wasn't going to sign that.

We've had no statement of cost, only invioces that were inflated thanks to fraudulent carers and that's when my safeguarding case begun.
Send a letter, by Recorded Delivery, to the Director of Social Services. Staff tend to respond quickly when the Director is involved, because it may harm their promotion prospects if they don't!
No need to say either way butas you say your mum was paying or expected to pay for all her care she may be over the threshold limit of £23,250. in savings. I would suggest if she had more than £10,000 above this limit, then I wouldn't let the LA do a financial assessment until she got nearer the limit.

If she was at or below the limit of £23,250 then she would be expected to pay a contribution on a sliding scale towards her care bill but if this were the case I would expect a contract to be agreed and signed either by your mother or yourself. I signed for Dad even though I never held POA. but that wasa private contract and nothing to do with the LA.

If your mum is over the self funding limit, then who she/you employ for her care has absolutely nothing to do with the LA. They may want to ensure adequate amount of care is provided but beyond that absolutely nothing to do with them.
Henrietta, Mum has sufficient savings at the moment that we didn't see any point telling the council all mums business. I'd thought that going through the council for the care would likely be less expensive than finding a private care company, so that's why we've gone with them.
Hi Rosemary
I suppose it depends whether they employ their own care staff as Council employees but I doubt if they do. The LA round here did away witht their own carers and just go out to tender to private agencies. They tend to use the less efficient agencies which cause more problems because they cut the costs down as much as possible. These are the types of agencies who won't stay the full length of the visit and aren't given enough travel time or indeed any travel time between clients.
If you can afford to pay for the visits I think it is a false economy and better off paying a bit more for a reliable company.