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fraudulent care logs, charges? I'm beside myself...... - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

fraudulent care logs, charges? I'm beside myself......

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Amnesty International UK is divided into two legal entities – the UK Section and the Charitable Trust – and each has its own constitution and Board.

The UK Section is our membership arm and it is responsible for much of our work, including campaigning and communications.

For historical legal reasons the Section cannot be a charity.

But we do carry out some activities that are considered charitable under UK Laws.

So, to ensure we can maximise benefit from your generous donations we formed a Charitable Trust to fund those activities, including our education, research and awareness-raising work.

Ideal blueprint for any " Charity " wanting to do a little more other to than man / woman soup kitchens under present day law ?

I did say last time I looked. Thanks for updating me and good on them for getting what they can out of the system.
Accordingly to the CQC web site , first port of call is the LA.

https://www.cqc.org.uk/contact-us/repor ... ber-public

How to raise a concern about care

If you have concerns about a care home, home-care agency or other adult social care service, you should contact the relevant council. You can find your local council on the Gov.uk website.

You can also contact us about your concerns about any care service.

Thereafter , and depending on the outcome, the next port of call would be the CGC itself ... above link posted.
Still at it even after cqc / safeguarding compliant. Wrong times logged, drug chart retrospectively filled out....
Just an update. Mum got new carers yesterday. We're still going through the safeguarding case. naturally I looked up their CQC rating only to find they had been upgraded from inadequate to requires improvement overall and specifically in the areas of management and SAFETY. They were even cited for medication administration and recording, the very same issues as I reported in the safeguarding case! So I queried this with the social worker w ho got in touch with the brokerage manager. She again has told me that I can always go private!!

Mum doesn't want to do that and we'll see how it goes. Perhaps with the acc catching their errors in the passed, they might have improved but I find it implausible that the c council who uhh Le have assigned a company with reported safety deficiencies as part resolution to a safeguarding case.