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fraudulent care logs, charges? I'm beside myself...... - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

fraudulent care logs, charges? I'm beside myself......

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After additional observations today and email to the care manager, I got a call this evening saying one carer whose been not performing to duty of care is now uncomfortable coming to the house. Without her the agency doesn't have a second carer to service mum and may have to drop her, especially as I'm not happy!

I'm not surprised. I think they want to drop mum before I report them.

Now, am I not alone in thinking that the carers shouldn't be photographing mum's care plan records simply to complete their timecards at their leisure? Aren't the care notes about mum confidential and private?
Yes they are definitely private and should be handled confidentially.

Per LA auditor I spoke to this morning, the care company will be put 'under audit' . The auditor was quick to spot the deficiencies, and a few others too.
Hopefully you are able to get this horrible mess sorted out soon.
Hi we've had similar issues with my mum. I think this sort of thing is rife, actually, so don't feel you're alone, you're not, by a long chalk. We installed a camera to check up on the carers and every time they were late or missing, we emailed the agency & the council. Unfortunately though, all this did was wind up the care company & we ended up with them saying they couldn't do it any more, saying she had too complex needs. Same happened with the next agency. In the end, we decided that if my mum was relatively happy with the care, we'd not highlight this with the agency every single time & just ask the council to deduct from the bill. The main reason for this is we were running out of agencies. So I think this kind of thing is common too, threatening to walk away. So much for patient choice with privatization!! I think the agencies just like the people with simple needs - anything complex (like 2 carers, who often have to come from different locations to arrive at the same time) they don't want to know about, not much profit in that for them.

One one occasion the carers both claimed to be there yet I had video evidence this wasn't the case & said to the agency we weren't paying for 2 on that occasion. We phoned the council to get them to deduct this from the charge (mum's care is arranged through the council). It sounds yours is too? In which case I would phone them each time it happens & tell them to deduct this from the bill.

I'm really sorry this sounds bad, but to stop ourselves from getting too wound up, we found the best thing to do was focus on my mum being happy with the care, even if she wasn't getting what she was paying for.

I also think you did the right thing reporting it & hope it's all sorted. One thing it's made me appreciate is the number of clients & little time the carers have to travel to each location. None of this is right of course, and you really should get what you pay for.

On the plus side, your council seems to have done more than ours, who just seem to want to bury any safeguarding or other concerns. They never look into anything if you don't constantly chase, and in the end they've worn us down into giving up. My advice is don't let them wear you down but try to keep sane at the same time!
We've taken a similar line to Lars, as long as the care is good enough why risk losing it. Also the time set is based on an unfamiliar carer coming in for the first time. When a regular hard working carer comes in and does everything more quickly because they know exactly what they need to do, how to do it and where everything generally is I feel it's reasonable to let it go a bit. Especially since they provide the same group of carers regularly and we get on well with and trust them. Of course it's easy for me to say when we've got chc funding. Lars is right about public sector commissioners buying from private sector care companies not working. I'm not convinced about preferring people with less complex needs. We managed (much to social services own surprise) to get 2 carers in a rural area where they don't think it's profitable to send in one carer and other people in the area have been trying unsuccessfully to get a single carer for years.
public sector commissioners buying from private sector care companies

Try a search using those precise terms.

Interesting results ?

Private sector care companies ?

Charities or ... businesses ?
Good point, Chris.

Which of these are charities?

Eton College
Millfield School (much more expensive than Eton)
Amnesty International
I'll guess this time ... trust my instinct ... all 3.

Previous thread may be of interest as background :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... businesses

A whole forest of hornets' nests if ever there was one ?
last time I looked only Eton Colllege and Millfield