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FAIRNESS ????????? - Carers UK Forum

FAIRNESS ?????????

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Prime minister has said the QUEENS speech today will focus on FAIRNESS ??????
so whats fair about a school age child getting up early to care for a disabled parent or sibling then off to school the same kids often have to come straight home from school to again work as a carer they miss out on friendships and education, what about the elderly carer who cares for their spouse the carers allowance as we know is rather small but is needed however when they reach retirement age the carers allowance stops, is it fair for carers who work 24/7 and are in need of support but when we try and access help it`s means tested (just this week Northumberland council have reversed their decision re help for the elderly/young disabled & carers of and will from next May charge for services ) that`s respite care , day centre`s , sitting service , home visit`s by home care workers the list goes on due to means testing it would cost me £15 per hour for day sitter, £400 per week respite,day center £18 + lunch & transport the list goes on is it FAIR to charge for this service because we have large pensions no savings dont own our home but have as i have said large pensions we are paying for our own care last month i was told by doctor that iam doing far to much and should access help re care for the old doll what a joke.
is it fair for the elderly to have to sell their home to fund their care?
when he talks about fairness it`s all about welfare reform he wants employers to be flexible he wants them to employ the disabled the single mother who as we know the state want back into work his view of fairness will be the right for the unemployed/disabled.single mothers to return to work oh i and he wants employers to be fair when it comes to working carers they must be fair and allow them to come in late leave early the odd day off work from home all this when jobs are being lost right left and centre .
is it fair to class full time carers as JOB SEEKERS we have a job now and we more than work for our £50 a week it amazes me when he will threaten those who will not take up training or find full time employment by making them "WORK" for their benefit we have always had to work for our BENEFIT what a farce.

is it fair to pay carers £50 per week- many who work 24/7 doing a very demanding job a job that would cost the state thousands of pounds per month if our caree`s were in care / rest homes sorry GORDON but it just aint fair.
I agree George

This Government's idea of fairness is to treat good luck as a virtue!

For those who don't look at all the sections in the forum check this out re today's Queens Speech...it will only take a few minutes to sign...if you can add a comment even better...lets let them know that we know caring is WORK...if we don't join together and shout how can we expect them to hear....especially when they are doing their best trying not to listen Image


Well written a very fair and polite posting.
I don't always agree with you but on this occasion I am in total agreement.
The government's idea of fairness is to imply that people that are on benefits should be ashamed it's always going on about getting people off them we all know there are people that should be working but don't and rely on benefits but they are a small minority as in all walks of life some people want something for nothing.
But carer's have proven 24-7 year in and out that they save Billions for the exchequer and get very little thanks and in a lot of case's none at all.
Well said George,
I've added my name and comment to the Compass Welfare for all Campaign.
I'm not usually a very aggresive type of person, but this gross unfairness makes my blood boil!

WOT dont agree with me sometimes - iam always right except when iam wrong.
My Wife Pat is always telling me.
She is not always right but she is never wrong.
Now I wonder if thinking you are always right is a Geordie thing as my wife's a Geordie too.
Bloody Northerners.
HEAR HEAR! Image Image Image
Bloody Northerners.
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well said george Image

i am just watching the commons live, they
are like a lot of school children (having said
that it is an insult to children)!!!!!