Hi everyone, I am really interested in carers perspectives on treatments and am doing a dissertation on the subject. If anyone would like to share their experiences I have listed some questions that show what it is i'm really interested in. If anyone just wants a chat - thats fine by me too!

When did X first show signs of mental health problems?
How long was the period between this and X receiving professional help?
Did X voluntarily receive professional help?
What treatment, if any, was X offered at this stage?
Was X willing to receive such treatment?
Did X have a preference for a certain type of treatment?
After treatment, what changes, if any, did you notice in X’s behaviour and general well being?
Do you have a preference for any treatments that X has received? Please elaborate
How do you feel about treatments that X has received?
Has X consistently received treatment since first diagnosis?
If so, how has this affected X?
If not, how has this affected X?
What are your future hopes for X with regard to further treatment?