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With regard to the short change campaign - I would like to know if anybody thinks Gordon Brown will take any notice of this - as he has launched a 'global intitiative' on health care for Africa and Asia (see You Tube for pompous announcement) (with British taxpayers money) and yet over here we are having to endure constant lack of funding and pressure on all health and other public services. The footcare situation is a prime example where I am having to fight to get my Mum a home visit (she's 91). It's fine to help other people but it's our money they are spending and it's not being spent on us - why????
i agree jojo--- help every other country and forget about ours!

charity should begin at home
to true look at the wars we are spending cash on .
we are now going to spend billions on nuke subs .
I have been saying exactly the same thing on my own forum and my blog, people on my blog think i am very wrong and try to cast aspersions about me, i always ask them this question, if you were in a rowing boat with two children, one your own and one a friends child, which one would you try and save first, my answer is always the same, my own child comes first, the same should be said of our money, the government gives away billions in foreign aid to these corrupt governments and dictators, yet our services are getting worse, our hospitals, our social services, our carer services, our schooling, our police service, the whole country is going down the pan and that stupid Gordon Brown has the cheek to give our money away, the government have no money of their own, its our money, when the next election comes show your mistrust by not voting for any of the normal political parties, carers need to hurt politicians where they fear getting hurt the most, by voting, use your vote wisely next time,just dont vote for any of the normal three parties.

Tonyxxx Image Image
Hi All,

Tony,I would rather vote for King Kong than any of them! Image Image
Have you heard the latest, the government is going to give pregnant woman a two hundred pound gift so they can buy fresh fruit and vegetables to eat in the hope a good diet will improve the babies health, pitty the government dont give carers a gift like that, i know plenty of carers who go without decent food, this country is just getting worse every week, the idiots are running the country.

What about this?

Health and safety: Convicts should not wear fluorescent jackets - to protect their feelings
By JAMES SLACK - More by this author »

Last updated at 08:20am on 10th September 2007

Convicted criminals working in the community are to be barred from wearing fluorescent jackets because their feelings might be hurt if passers-by hurl abuse, it emerged last night.

Government officials are worried about the health and safety of burglars and thugs if they can be identified as they carry out their punishments.

In a spectacular U-turn, probation staff have been told to stop putting up signs saying street work is being carried out by convicts - or forcing them to wear bright yellow jackets branded 'Community Payback'.

Instead, a small plaque will be erected long after the yobs have gone, to make sure their delicate sensibilities are not put at risk. The decision makes a mockery of repeated Labour promises to make 'tough' community sentences - such as tidying parks and fixing benches - more visible so that the public can see justice being done.
The lunatics are running the asylum.................. Image
Most pregnant women would want to eat healthily to start with for the sake of their baby, or at least you would think so, I think he's just trying to get as many brownie points as possible to get him through this next election, once thats out of thw way & were lumbered with him for 4 years, then we'll see the real Gordon Brown.