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Folly to Google the Past. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Folly to Google the Past.

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The Wheel of life, forever turns........
yes it was,the best of times it was the worst of times.as dickens so aptly put it in tale of two cities.i think,having never quite settled anywhere since i left my home town in 1978,but ive become more,much more than i might have been if id never left,im gratefull.for that,having never felt at ease or at home anywhere since,uneasy,very-much a spectator,an outsider,im pleased the narrow minded attitudes that oppose migrants,oppose europe etc.bemoan gay folk,and even fell they should not stay at christian-run guest houses,having lived in europe,in a place with no hangups about gay folk,i dont have any issues.live,let live.celebrate life.thats my view.i now am anchored due to my carers role.this means i cant move as id wish.part of me forever ill at ease and sencing im not where i should be,not home.wherever home is. .Image
Africa ?

I wanna go back to ma roots man Image

Well - at least the weather would suit my lack of clothes Image YES, I'd finally feel at home.

Image Had a lovely half hour googling old family addresses, all much the same apart from where my auntie used to live.......... thought I was in another country, gone are the men in flat caps and women in pinnys it's all saris and robes now.
The house where I was born is still just the same. Wooden windows and doors, even painted black and cream the way my Dad painted it. We bought it off my Mum when she got married again at the same time as us. Then we sold it to a young couple who never changed anything really, except they cut down Dad's poplar trees at the bottom of the garden.
I had a great childhood there, but would hate to live there now. The best place I think I've lived at is Kenilworth, Warks. I loved that town. Mind you, I wouldn't go back there to live either. Teignmouth has to be the place my heart really is, I new that from the age of twelve when I first came on holiday here, with Mum & Dad and my younger sister. 1955.
rosemary said:
I cant go back to the past....still living in it
I've always happily lived here too!
My wee ones went to the same school I did and had the same teachers too! LOL
We were all Christened and confirmed in the same church and went to the clubs and junior disco in the same community centre! Image Image

Two of my sisters moved south but I stayed. Image
I like having my parents just around the corner - mum and I are very close!
I moved to an adjacent street when I went back to college years ago as I needed a hand with OH and mum is great! Image

I love the fact, mum and me go out shopping together or for a walk on the prom on a Saturday and I kinda like the continuity and order of things - boring or what! lol Image Image Image

marie x
Well done Marie for keeping the family together! It's how it should be and all will be better for it.

reading my fellow carers contributions here,and pondering,twitter,facebook,google,freinds reunited,it seems nostalga,virtual time-travel,back to then,there,is a by-product perhaps a by-way in internet space?.i favour re-boot.re-starts,a new venture,direction.no going back. Image
I spent an enjoyable afternoon last week on the Google street maps thing, l;oved looking at houses I lived in and areas I loved. enjoyed seeing Los Gigantes where I spent many happy holidays

I looked at Mums house and there I am driving off in the car lol then looked at this house and it was before we moved in and my god what a mess!!!
Nilla,I feel that google is very interesting.Yes,its fun to touch base with ones old haunts.I guess it depends if you were happy there.Very-much a subjective personal voyage for each one of us.But,that-said,I think its interesting to re-visit. Image