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Had enough

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Well the wheels are in motion over the trouble with next door but now I've got to deal with all the stress and fall out. First of all they put a status on whatsapp calling my wife a fat f**ker then all this stress had made my wife start self harming again (not done this for a least 4 month)she has been talking to me but I can only hide sharp objects that I no about. I also don't know how much more of them I can take before I do something stupid. I am so stressed and don't know what to do anymore. Thought I was getting somewhere with getting my wife and her problems back on track but then some little no mark had to try and spoil it. The main thing is now that is affecting our relationship as a whole and our family life. Really don't know what to do anymore
Make sure the police know about the abuse and any other that comes your way, Craig. Keep a diary if necessary.
After the girl who committed suicide due to cyber bullying people take it more seriously now.
I have been sending the housing officer emails as soon as things happen and if he does not come back to me I'm on the phone an hour later. Thank you
Hi Craig

Things aren't going too well for you at the moment Image my thoughts are with you.

I was wondering, is there any way of reporting their posting on whatsapp to the people who run the site? As crocus says, that is cyber bullying and shouldn't be tolerated.

Also, see about keeping a screen shot of the posting, in case the police need it.

Maybe get your wife's caseworker/health professional onboard - as this has had an adverse affect on her life and yours.

If you can, try to avoid that site (whilst all this is going on) - even if they are being cruel. If any of your friends witness some disturbing postings - see if they can screenshot them as well. Witnesses would be very handy in a case like this.

It's not easy, I know. I have been the victim of bullying over the years and it can affect all aspects of your life.

*some people can be very cruel and it's just not fair Image

Sending you lots of support
An image had been sent to the housing officer who has forwarded it on to the anti social behaviour manager who has just rang me and said when he is going to see them and that he is not impressed at what had been said. Thank you for your advice people. I have also spoken to one of my wife's workers and they are going to pop round and see us
Oh that's fantastic news Craig!

Fingers crossed for you

Please keep us updated
I will do