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Flexible working

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HI there
Anyone on here a carer but also manage to work full time?
I am currently on a flexible working plan but even thats getting too much for me and having to do two late shifts is hard for hubby to manage with two kids to get sorted for tea bed etc
Hubby has a neurological condition which affects his speech balance mobilty. His condition is getting worse.
I also suffer from IBS which is mainly due to stress with caring( used to care for my mum too until recently-shes now in a nursing home)
I have a had days off sick and have a meeting with my boss this week to discuss all this and am really worried
I really want to ask to do day shifts only but not sure how I stand if they refuse.
If I dont get nay support then I know I will be off with my depression again...........its just a vicious circle

Anyone help or advise??


Li xx
Hi LImana,

Don't have much time so apologies for just posting links

http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... and-career if you scroll down on this link you will see others at the bottom of that page that you can click too.

http://www.carersuk.org/professionals/o ... /13-uk9033

http://www.carersuk.org/media/k2/attach ... RECTED.pdf

You also have option of phoning CarersUK advice line

Our Adviceline is 0808 808 7777. It is open Wednesday and Thursday from 10-12 and 2-4. You can also email us at]advice@carersuk.org[/url] or use the form below and we’ll reply within 5 working days.

x x
Hi llmana, I care for a husband with an acquired brain injury, have two children who were young at the time and I used to work full-time. Like you I found it extremely hard and have reduced my hours. I know that a few others on here have successfully reduced their hours.
Talk to your boss and explain the problems. Good luck. Image
Thanks guys
I can't really reduce my hrs as we have a big mortgage...looking at selling up but the market is dire and finding somewhere to rent with pets is a struggle....
I will have a look at all those links though
Life sucks sometimes xx Image
I take it you have applied for Working Tax Credit Limana and possibly DLA/PIP for your husband?
I earn too much to qualify for working tax credits and yes hubby gets DLA-high rate for both
After hubby lost his job and I became a carer we had to downsize and bought a much smaller house with a manageable mortgage. It was quite a shock to the system surviving on much less income, but somehow its easier when you are doing it rather than when you are contemplating it. I am assuming that you have looked at your budget carefully to see if there are places that you can reduce your outgoings enough to be able to reduce your hours.