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Coming out of hospital

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My husband has had a severe stroke. However I want to care for him at home and this has been agreed. We are to have four visits a day as he is paralysed on the left side, stomach peg fed (which I can do) and at the moment incontinent. My question is What will be provided? I already have the bed and a hoist but what about bedding, pillows etc etc? Do they come or do I have to provide them? Also things like urine bottles conveen bed pan? Can anyone who has been in the same situation give me your experience? Thanks
You would normally use your own bedlinen, pillows, etc., if your husband needs to sleep propped up and you need extra pillows it is usual to buy these yourself.

Incontinence products should be supplied by your local incontinence service, it would be worth checking with the hospital to see if they have already made arrangements for these to be supplied otherwise you will need to check who deals with this in your area, it is often the district nurses. If there is a problem with leakage you may be able to have bed pads, either reusable kylies or disposable, supplied via the DNs or, like us, you may have to buy them yourselves, availability varies from area to area, your local DN service should be able to advise you.

You also should have been invited to a discharge planning meeting where the arrangements for your husband's discharge home, including equipment to be supplied, social care and/or community nursing (DN) care, physio, speech and language therapy, OT input, etc. to be provided post-discharge, is discussed. It is normal for a home assessment to take place prior to discharge to ensure that you husband has equipment and services in place when he comes home. You may also be entitled to up to six weeks Intermediate Care. Any necessary major adaptations should also have been discussed with you. If any of these have not taken place or been discussed with you and your husband I suggest that you ask about them.

Good luck, it is a major life change but manageable with the right help in place.
Thanks. That is helpful. I had an NHS assessment today as my husband has many needs. They need to get a suction machine as this is going to be needed and seems a problem re who funds it. But I am hoping it won't be long before he comes home
You might also like to consider whether you need to rethink how your own day will be different. If you don't have them already, a dishwasher and washer/dryer would help reduce your workload. Before your husband comes home, make sure you have a freezer with food you like, bread, and milk, so that to start with you don't need to go shopping very often. If you haven't shopped on the internet before, this would be a good time to enrol. I found the Tesco service very good in my area. I hope someone has explained that your husband will be entitled to Attendance Allowance. If you have modest savings, you may also be entitled to additional Pension credits etc., so be sure to have a word with the Carers UK helpline. Make sure you know who to ring if your husband has a sudden problem. You also need to arrange a Lifeline pendant, to summon emergency help, usually available from your Local Authority. It's really important for you to have a breathing space every week so be sure to keep going to at least one social activity. It may seem selfish, but your own health is now very important. After all, if you fall ill, you cannot care for your husband. Take care.
Pete is coming out of hospital today all being well. Hope I can cope! I think I am as ready as I can be. Yes I do already get tesco to deliver and it's very useful.
Hope everything goes well Jan
hope all goes well Jan
Hope all goes well today Jan....Rome wasn't built in a day so I'm sure there will be some "learning curves"...don't be too hard on yourself.

Bell x
Good luck Jan and dont be afraid to ask other people for help! x
Hope it all goes well Image