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Can I just have a little moan. - Carers UK Forum

Can I just have a little moan.

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It's just that my mum who has dementia and now can't get up and walk about has developed a little sore on her bottom. I put cream on her every day but I've been told it isn't a pressure sore just a bit of dry skin ?

As I was worried I called the district nurse out who put a plaster on the wound, in taking my own dressing off she made mum bleed and blamed the dressing, said she'd be back Tue of this week just gone and would order a pressure cushion.

Over weekend I had to change their dressing and found it was sticky all over the dressing plaster i.e. no padded island in the centre. Must be that type, but it pulled the skin off even more so I just couldn't bring myself to replace it with the same and resorted back to ones I've got in that have always healed well. They are Savlon alginate dressings or the hydrocolloid type.

I never have a problem with them.

Tue, different nurse comes out, takes our dressing off and makes mum bleed, she blames our dressing. She puts another one of their type on and tells me I can leave this on until they return the following Tue.

I cannot for the life of me understand why they keep making mum bleed taking our dressings off when it absolutely and totally truthfully never ever happens when I do it.
I have been extremely impressed with these alginate dressings as they heal wounds very fast and because of where the wound is I've been using an antibiotic gel.

I don't know if they are ripping the dressing off or are in too much of a rush whereas I take my time because it's in a delicate area. I don't like the way they keep making her bleed and blaming the dressing.
And I don't like their dressings which are sticky all over the plaster thing they put on.

I'd love to see them take one of their own off without making her bleed and if it did, see what they blame then.
Have you thought of taking photos? My Mum has very delicate skin, and developed pressure sores on her bum. She lives alone but can only just walk, so sits virtually all day. In theory, the DN was treating it, but when mum was in hospital it was so bad they took a photo of it, then there is a way of measuring whether it's getting better or worse. If your mum's nurses are making mum bleed, then surely they are just making things worse. In hospital, after operations, I've always had huge dressings with a pad on, and the pad seems to be made of something which just won't stick to the wound. Next time the nurses come, ask them why they don't use this type, and if you are not happy with their reply, or they make mum bleed, then find out who the Head District Nurse is and explain your concerns. My mum now has a reclining chair so she can lay back in it, and this too takes some pressure off her bum.
if she didn't have a pressure sore before, then it has probably become one now,by the district nurses causing friction and broken skin,rather than just dry skin.Apart from anything else,they should be very gentle when removing the old dressing,keeping your Mum's skin taut (very gently) while doing so.I hope they are cleaning the area before putting a fresh dressing on.
I agree with BowlingBun. Good luck with managing this,and I do hope it soon heals up.
Thank you both,
Mum has a recliner and uses it all the time. I change her using a sling and a hoist. It was reassuring to me when the first nurse said it wasn't a pressure sore and was just dry skin but that confused me seeing as I put cavilon cream on every day.
The type of dressing the nurse put on allows you to see the wound through the whole of the dressing and the second nurse said I could keep this on all week unless it creased up.

Once I'd been reassured by the first nurse and then had to change the first dressing I put our own on and mum was making good progress with those but then the second nurse made mum bleed again and I don't know how as it was healing. She said the type I used pulls the scab off but the thing about the type I use is that they purposely don't create a scab.

I just wish the nurses wouldn't try to appear to be all knowing who never make mistakes as I know they aren't from what they say and the things they do.
I think they are so afraid of getting sued for consequences of their actions that at every opportunity they will try to blame the carer if they get the chance.

This is what the website says about the dressings I use...
"Hypoallergenic and latex free, they protect wounds from dirt, water and infection and provide just the right conditions to aid faster healing, prevent scarring and reducing pain. For use on lightly weeping or bleeding wounds, these dressings offer extra absorbency. The super absorbent pad helps to control bleeding and prevent the wound from drying out so it can heal quickly without a scab forming. This in turn also helps to prevent scarring. "

I did consider calling the district nurses and saying that mum is healing and won't need further visits. However after the last visit I seem to recall the nurse saying it may only need one more visit so we'll see.
At least mum was happy with the second nurse which was good.
Just had a thought. If the nurse isn't coming for a week I could try taking their dressing off and using ours for a week as mum may respond in that time and heal more. I just don't know enough about the dressing they used and can't see how the wound can heal underneath.

The dressing they used has got 'Coloplast' on it and Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing 3530 on the back of the pack.
Just don't know enough to know whether to trust them in choosing what to put on the wound.
Based on other things said they have knocked my confidence in them a bit.
Edited to add that I've managed to find this about theirs...

Comfeel brand includes a wide range of hydrocolloid moist wound healing dressings, used and clinically documented for 20 years. Comfeel products help provide a moist wound environment and protect the wound from cooling and bacteria. Balanced, skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive offers maximum wear time, yet gentle removal. Latex Free. (Sterile)

I feel a bit better knowing it protects against bacteria. Not sure I would go along with the gentle removal after my experience trying to take theirs off after mum had an 'accident' and I needed to clean everything after the first nurse put one on.
It would help if they explained what the dressings do, how they work and what to expect.
Just came back to say that I've managed to find something online about their dressings and it has put my mind at rest a lot.
http://medplast.lt/pdf/CP_Comfeel%20Plu ... _FINAL.pdf

Thank you for helping me bounce my thoughts around and offload.
Scruffy x