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Fingernail cutting

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I think nail cutting is a real issue. Fortunately I was able to cut my dad's fingernails once I caught him in the right mood. I soaked them in warm water first. DN's and carers aren't 'allowed' to do it.
However, his toenails were in a terrible state when he was admitted to hospital some years ago. (This was before we knew the extent of his dementia and he wasn't letting anyone help with personal care until we hit a crisis and he ended up in hospital).
Even though the nails were cutting into his toes in places, the nurses were 'not allowed' to touch them. They needed professional care by then, family were afraid of making it worse. The ward said they would get a chiropodist/podiatrist in for him, but he was in there nearly a month and they weren't able to get anyone. Apparently there was only one working over the whole hospital complex.
When he got home it took months (and a lot of effort) to get a podiatrist out. They did his nails in a couple of minutes, after months of requests and frustration. More importantly it was making dad's mobility even worse as his feet were so painful.
Unfortunately, what works for us is not useful for anyone else! I wait till caree has a seizure (a daily occurence), and while he's out cold, I get the job done. It's the only time epilepsy comes in useful!!! Image
Im sorry, ellcee, I shouldnt laugh, but my hubby has epilepsy too and I can quite see how it would work.
We have the podiatrist out as I don't fancy doing them because mum has very ticklish feet and is on warfarin, that isn't really a good combination so I would prefer to leave it to the professionals.