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Finding a Physiotherapist

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Hope this is the right section to post this query.

Pretty soon my partner will be finishing his 'free physio' sessions, and we are anxious to continue with some form of professional physio. If this means paying for it, well, it's an expense we'll just have to fund ourselves.

I've made a few internet searches, and am looking for stroke physios, as opposed to sports physios, which seem much more common in our area; being Dover and the surrounding area.

The thought of Autumn, Winter approaching, and it will literally, be just the two of us, doesn't bear thinking about for all sorts of reasons. He really needs this external help, motivation, and I'm sure lots of carers can relate to this situation.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Hi Blair

you could try contacting the physio team at your local hospital for advise on physios in your area or have a look at the Stroke Association website
they should have a section dealing with help/support and how to find/access it locally
After a serious car accident I had two knee replacements. The private orthopaedic surgeon (paid for by the insurance company) recommended a physio in my area who worked with him in his NHS work. She was absolutely brilliant and had time to explain exactly what I needed each week, and she came to my house which was much cheaper than me getting a taxi to see her. So if you find a good one on the NHS, ask if she does work privately, or if she can recommend someone near you.