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Finding a comfortable chair

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After being discharged and readmitted to hospital within 24 hours, mum has now been in contact with another Occupational Therapist. Mum has had a long term pressure sore, and so they have agreed to provide mum with a ripple bed. I told the OT that the real cause of this sore is the unsuitability of mum's current chair. She then told me that due to the extreme curvature of mum's spine, that she can have a chair provided through the OT department of Social Services at no cost, once she has made the referral. I'll keep you posted.
Nice they can provide it..hope it doesn't take to long Image
Good result.....that is the simple part. A speedy good result, that is another ball game altogether. Dad waited five weeks for a bed side to help him get out of bed without assistance. Absolutely essential as he lives alone and is up and down to the loo through the night, so five weeks of bottles and endless laundry later the gadget appears from the assessor who has had it in his car for weeks trying to get someone to answer the door!

Take care
That's good news Bowlingbun, hope they come up with something that is really comfy.

Meg Image

Hope you don't have to wait too long!
Time for a follow up. Mum has now had an OT visit. I wasn't too impressed to start with, OT never asked mum to stand up, so never saw quite how severely she was bent. To start with OT was just suggesting the usual local disability aid shops, but as the discussions progressed about what the carers had to do for mum, the OT gradually she realised just how severe mum's problems were. On these occasions, mum is always her own worst enemy, trying to make light of her problems, rather than tell it like it actually is - which is why I made sure I was there too. The OT kept on about who was going to pay for the chair, and saying it would have to be a charity as Adult Services wouldn't pay, and Health only paid for chairs for people who were terminally ill! Did mum have any connection with the Forces. No. I said dad was in the RAF when he was younger, OT said then funding could be found, mum said she'd rather the money went on soldiers etc. who'd come back from Afghanistan without their legs. Aaaargh! I kept saying that first we needed to find a suitable chair. Then OT remembered that she'd been to a talk in Portsmouth given by a very specialist chair company, and she would make further enquiries. Later, she rang me to say that she'd made an appointment with this company (end of March) and that there was a strong possibility that the NHS would pay. It's just a shame she didn't remember this company before her visit to mum! I'll keep you posted after the appointment at the end of March.
If you are still looking for reclining chair and some advice, contact this people http://www.riser-reclinerspecialist.co.uk/ . Riser Recliners they sell are all british made and come in some nice old fashioned design also they are very helpful over the phone so if you do have any questions just give them a ring.

We went for this one:

Thank you Garry, strange that your post should arrive today. Mum's OT found her a lovely chair, the rep. brought one to mum's house to try a few months ago,then the application for funding from the NHS got bogged down, new forms, wrong forms etc. etc. Today two further OTs came to do another assessment, very apologetically. About 16 pages of forms, legs measured, existing chair measured, into re pressure sores recorded etc. I have insisted that the panel now gets on and makes a decision, within 10 working days. Will hopefully report back again soon!
Hope your mum gets her comfy chair soon Bowlingbun.

Gary.........that is my hubby`s chair and I have the two seater (seats 3) settee in the same design! Ours came from Alstons furniture. British made and hardwearing. We have extra arm caps and cushions to match and a storage footstool. All cost less than a pair of couches from any of the big names.xx
The saga continues. The two OT's who came and did all the measurements decided to offer mum a chair with extra built in support, I thought it was going to be the chair that mum liked, with extra. On Tuesday, I had to go to mum's again to see it. When it came out of the van I nearly hit the roof. It was brought by the fellow who had shown mum the first chair which she hated so much!!! I was really, really cross and went in the kitchen to cool off, and regain my composure..and water mums houseplants in the process. The OT came to find out where I was, rather than see to mum. I told her to go away and sort out mum, because I was cross, but she was like a dog with a bone, kept saying mum needed a HEALTH chair, and was actually proud that it wasn't made of fabric which would wear out. I asked her if she hadn't noticed mum's furniture? My mum and dad had what must have been the world's largest collection of Ercol furniture, absolutely everything in the lounge was Ercol. The chair we had chosen previously, had very similar colours and looked very good amongst the Ercol. I told her the chair she had brought to try was cr*p. Then she said she wouldn't make me apologise for swearing - I said I had absolutely no intention of making any apology at all. I've never ever sworn in front of my mum, this was in the hall, but I knew that if I stayed, I would. So I popped my head in the lounge, told mum that this was a choice she'd have to make for herself, and drove home sobbing, in floods of tears. I have supported mum for over 40 years, through all her health problems, and there have been far too many. Throughout it all, I've tried to make sure that everything I did kept her as normal as possible, that it was pleasant to look at etc. etc. All she needed was a comfortable chair. We'd bought a number, all useless (mum has severe curvature of the spine due to osteoporosis), which is why the hospital referred mum to an OT in January. Here we are in mid August, hours of phone calls, 5 OT visits, so 5 afternoons of mine taken up, 3 sample chairs, but no actual chair provided. I'm not supposed to be caring at all, according to my specialist, but I'm the only thing between mum and a nursing home. Why can't these highly paid professionals realise that the appearance of something is every bit as important as the function? Anyhow, mum decided the chair they'd brought wasn't any good anyhow. I sometimes wonder if they are dragging it out as long as possible so that she will die first?!