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Finding a comfortable chair

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My mum has very severe osteoporosis, now permanently bent so that her head is level with her chest, this means that her back is very tender. She cannot straighten up even laid in bed, or even have a much needed MRI scan because they can't get her through the ring. Once keen on gardening and DIY, she can't do much now apart from watch TV and read, as she has other problems as well. Everyone agrees that she needs a different chair to sit in, she has some low armchairs which aren't comfortable any more, even with "elephants feet". She bought a high disabled chair, but that's not comfortable either. Then the OT came and mum was adamant that she needed a recliner (I have one and was dubious as to whether it would suit her, so I bought one on ebay, in excellent condition, but as soon as she sat in it, she didn't like that either! At the moment she sits in an antique chair with elephants feet and a special cushion. Whilst she's been in hospital I sat in it, and it's truly awful. No wonder she has pressure sores on her bottom! Mum is completely housebound, can't even get out of the house on her own. I can't help due to some health issues of my own, so I can't take mum to a shop to buy a new chair, in any case I drive a Discovery which is too high for her to get into, and I can't find a shop which will bring one for mum to try. I know that she is genuinely uncomfortable, not just being difficult. Money isn't too much of a problem, it's just finding a suitable chair. The hospital can't help either! Is there anyone here who has found a brilliant chair for someone with similar problems, it needs to be soft and cradling inside, ideally with the facility to raise and tip. I hate to see mum uncomfortable.
any decent disabled/mobility shop will bring items out to try and demonstrate surely,i found eden mobility good,you could do with the chair off the lemsip advert but i don't think bright yellow would match anybodys decor
Have a look here:


They do all sorts of chairs - including Back Care; risers; riser/recliners
Thanks for the comments so far. Whilst I am aware of different companies, what I was hoping for was advice from someone who was familiar with the special difficulties caused by osteoporosis, spondylitis or spondylosis. Mum had a bad experience buying an adjustable bed, without telling me, and I'm keen to avoid her agreeing to buy something not 100% suitable.
that's the problem,everybody's different,any decent mobility shop will sort out your needs and not just be after your dosh
I have yet to find one locally which will bring chairs out to try, and I can't get mum to a shop.
HSL give a 'no quibble' 7-day money-back guarantee, so you could actually try out a chair for 7 days - they also deliver/collect free of charge.

My Mum has mobility problems and osteoporosis but we've been lucky enough that her normal armchairs on 'risers' (to make the seat higher) has been comfortable.

The only other thing I can think of is an 'all round' support cushion - you can get them for wheelchairs and they are suitable for use in a standard armchair. Or perhaps one of the V shaped support pillows might do the trick ?
I'll get in touch with HSL on Monday, they have a branch in Southampton, but I didn't know that they had a "no quibble" guarantee. Exactly the sort of information I needed, many, many thanks. Jill
Bowlingbun, your Mum really does need to try out the chairs and the company who let you try for 7 days would be ideal as sitting in one for a few mins isn't a good indicator of whether it will be comfy or not.

Re recliners - they really need to be measured to suit the person ie petite/standard/large etc

If money really isn't a problem and it was appropriate - children at our school (some of whom have very deformed bodies) have moulded seats - these are moulded around the shape of their bodies to offer maximum support, they usually have them in their wheelchair frames ... you might be able to pay to have something similiar made - but would need advice about how to go about it. Our children's seating is usually organised through physio and for children with complex positioning an OT might be consulted too.

Have you tried the Independent Living Centre?
My oh was sent there for assessment when he needed a non standard chair, but you can ring up and make an appointment for yourself, you don't have to be referred.