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Finally Decided To Increase Support for Mum and Move Her - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Finally Decided To Increase Support for Mum and Move Her

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Hi BowlingBun,

Mum has had a recent re-assessment by the independent DOLS assessor in November so there is still some incapacity about knowing what has happened to her. However, she is more able (in my view) tho think and talk about where she wants to live. In the past she would just get very stressed and withdraw and be totally overwhelmed, but now she can say she wants me to decide. However, it is also true to say that her short-term memory is very poor so she can change what she says over quite short time periods but all the same you can get consistency of response over time. She was physically ill at the first assessment as she was recovering from a stoma surgery and has recovered quite a lot physically and psychologically since then but as I say has had a more recent capacity assessment. On the other hand, I haven't been present at any of them.

I personally think there is some sort of collusion between the home and the local authority. That having been said the first manager of the home I dealt with at best left suddenly, and at worst was sacked. The new one is no better but they are doing everything in their power to keep mum there, including making improvements I said were vital for her wellbeing (e.g. activities for the residents, social interaction among the residents by encouraging them to use the lounge). I have complained to CQC so current changes may have come from that but all of this does not address the core issue of mum needing to move to Manchester for her right to a family life and because she needs me close to her.
Although the LA are using your Mum’s well-being as their argument, they will still be swayed by £££&p.
Do you know how much the home charge the LA for their funded residents? Do they get a discount based on the number of LA residents based there? Also, what do the care homes you like in Manchester charge for funded residents and do they charge the same rate for those funded by another LA?

Hi Melly, I do not know anything about the funding of the home. I have asked several times and my questions have not been answered. I don't know how much the home charges the LA for their funded residents nor about discounts, It is only a small home, though, with 24 residents capacity. I have only visited a couple of homes so far and when I visited them CHC was being assessed. I am looking at homes that state that they accept LA funded residents but I don't know the actual amounts. I am receiving mum's benefits and pension in the anticipation that at some point finances will be discussed. The only discussion about finances so far was when I was sent a 'petty cash' invoice for chiropody fees which I did pay but asked to see the invoice from the chiropodist but none was forthcoming. I doubt that any such chiropodist visited and I have not had any other 'petty cash' requests to pay since. Other than that, though, I am in the dark and I have noticed that the nursing home and the LA selectively answer my questions, and leave unanswered the questions they seemingly do not want to address.
My LA have the reading equivalent of "selective deafness" too.
It's so maddening. I ask straight questions, that they answer with waffle.
I'm surprised there have been no financial assessments yet. Bear in mind that they should only charge after they have done assessments, and not backdate any!
Thanks Bowlingbun that is very useful to know about the financial assessments and charges only being payable after that. Of course they might have done some of these assessments and just not told me. Being excluded from meetings and assessments has been a pattern too, but they can't do that so much now that I am the relevant person's representative.

It is reassuring somehow about the 'selective deafness' issue although no less frustrating of course.