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final stages of lung cancer ? - Carers UK Forum

final stages of lung cancer ?

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does any one know the signs to look out for , i have been out of mind looking for answers , i know everyone is different , now my mums is sleeping all day she is withdrawing herself from phone calls and ppl wanting to visit her , her has given up food the past 2 - 3 days she has eaten very little and not had many of her fortisip drinks ( a lot less than she was having ) she has hardley had any fluids at all , she is leaving her oxygen on all day and night now and really struggling for me and her to get her into her pj`s at night .

i am due in work in the morning she is getting very forgetfull an im having to wake her up in the day to remind her to take her medication , im off on tues an weds which is good but im woorying about when im back at work full time .

i think i will call the macmillan nure tomoz from work , as she was due an assessmet to go into a hospice ( thats what mum wants ) but when do u know its time to go into a hospice ? cus i would like her at home , i know its up to mum an i will respect her wishes .

seams like she is going down hill very fast an i dont know when to pull in an take her to the hospice ?
Hi Andy,
so sorry to hear about your Mum.
My Dad gave up eating and drinking and he died 5 days later.
The Doctor said Dad had made a concious decision and knew the consequences.
He died at home with me at his side.
I was deeply grateful that I was there for him
Only you and your Mum can decide if and when she goes into a hospice.
Maybe she just doesn't want you to see her suffering?
I will be thinking of you.
Please let us know how you get on or PM me if you want to.
take care
i have made a list of things i need to ask macmilan nurse tomoz , its horrible seeing mum as she is im struggling on but its getting really hard to deal with as she is sleeping so much an getting confused , in such a short space of time ..... thank you for replies , i did read one thing yesterday which was stop looking for answers an spend every day to the fullest with them , its nice but not practical for the carer , as i need to know when its time for mums sake
I'm sorry to say it but it sounds to me like your mum is nearing the end of her journey and if you are wanting to get her into a hospice, you are better doing it sooner rather than later.

My grandad reached a point towards the end of his life where he just "lost interest in his life" and deterriorated rapidly from that point on (he lived 8 weeks). I know he died because of cancer but I'm not sure which cancer it was since he had it in more than one place.
My father dies from cancer recently and yes near the end he didn't eat or drink much, was so very tired. The macmillans sound a good idea and maybe when you are both ready - the hospice.
So sorry to hear of this deep sadness in your life xx
Hi Andy, yep your best bet is having a chat with the macmillan nurses or the local hospice are they involved?, my dad spent his final days in a hospice, they were involved early on as soon as we had a diagnosis, and were at the end of a phone day or night, listening to our concerns, dad had day care one day a week, and helping us all the way, truely they were "angels" and we were so greatful.......

Its so, so hard watching.. and you are doing a great job, i think the hospice know, with my dad he spent nearly two weeks there, with my dad the final few days were horrid, as my gal with learning difficulties/autism was playing up no end for her sister, she had routines mixed up, then her sister wanted to leave home due to stress and poor dad my head was mashed....i decided then nothing more i could physically do...."just go with the flow"....i found that to be comforting...thinking of you and your mum and take care Andy.......
Have that chat with the nurses sooner rather than later. It does sound to me that your Mum is nearing the end of her journey. Thinking about you . x x
My hugs and best wishes to you and your mum at this difficult time.
The Macmillan nurses were great when Dad was nearing the end. I remember that he started to "not be quite himself" as if something was affecting his brain for a little while, and then he slipped into a deep sleep for a day or so, and just drifted away.
His whole family was around him just as he had wanted.
Still much missed.