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Needing advice on friend being hassled/harrassed - Carers UK Forum

Needing advice on friend being hassled/harrassed

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Hi there. My friend is classed as a vulnerable adult due to head injury from a motor bike accident 1987. He helps me massively with my Mother who suffered severe Strokes, so they have lots in common. He has been helping someone out in a convenience store every now and again over some years now. The owner for some time has been phoning him talking my friend into helping him lots more often, to the extent of 9am-11am on a Wednesday to the Cash & Carry - always for free. My friend is overwhelmed by this. He has indicated to the shop owner when he can't help him, but he still has a way of pressuring my friend and making him feel obliged to help. I have encouraged him to talk to his Mother about this, to get her involved. He says he has, but his Mother just says to tell him he can't. Just the other week this shop owner phoned my friend lots of times 6.30am, he ignored answering the phone as the only tactic he can use. I've just recently answered my friend's phone yesterday evening, where I was very firm with him, this guy actually accused me of 'taking the piss'. Help!!
I think you may have to get tough. Presumably his mother is his 'legal guardian'? But if she is being useless about this then maybe you need to call in on this shop owner, and make it clear that exploiting a vulnerable adult is a criminal offence, and remind him of those nightmare reports of other vulnerable adults being kept as 'slaves' that make the headlines and result in criminal prosecutions for their exploiters.

I would also pop into the local police station and report this too. Show the shopowner this is serious, and he is breaking the law potentially.

The man obviously wants 'free labour' and that is despicable.

If your friend wants to do the work, (which I doubt, at those hours) then he should have a contract, and wages, and again, what you could do is phone up a union like Unison, or whoever now looks after shop workers, and chec with them what his entitlements are.

In practice, him not answering the phone is the best thing for now. Is he willing to do ANY work for this man (I mean, paid work?). Preferably, he shouldn't as the man is clearly exploitative and will take advantage if he can. That said, I know it can be tricky finding acceptable paid work when you have 'life challenges' as your friend has.

Wishing you all the best and I'm glad he's got you fighting his corner!
Get Social Services to deal with this, because they are responsible for protection vulnerable adults from abuse.
I contacted the Police, where I arranged to meet up with someone for my friend to explain the situation, and how he's fed up with this shop owner basically taking advantage of him. The Police went and spoke to his Mother and the shop owner. Things seemed to settle down, or so my friend led me to believe. I phoned him just this evening 9.30pm, he's at the Shop obviously helping out by the sounds of him stating 'You know where I am' when I asked if he was back home. So I phoned his Mother, who gave me all sort of excuses (in her eyes he's still 17 years old due to his head injury - in my eyes: when it suits him), and also stated that my friend seemed tired when she saw him earlier in the day. So I've wasted Police time all for nothing - after-all the moaning this friend gave me of how frustrated and affected of how this shop owner is demanding on him!