Insurance Cover Available For A Lone Carer When Hospitalised : Cost For Someone To Look After Their Caree ?

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A question I should have asked back in 2004 !!!

My worst nightmare during my ten year stretch.

Assume a lone carer is hospitalised ... say for three weeks.

No family other than caree ... probable first port of call their LA ... assuming , of course , they are able to and not perhaps , in a coma ... leaving a vulnerable caree incapable of fending for themselves ... who would probably die after being left alone for a few days.

( Yep , ALWAYS carry some form of a Carers Emergency Card ! )

Costs of a replacement " Carer " ?

For millions , financial Armageddon ... just about enough resources to make end meet to survive as it is.

Insurance available to cover this eventually ?

( Sod's Law ? Find cover ... in hospital for 20 days ... small print says " Only after 21 days ... " )

Through existing " Personal injury " cover or would one need to seek specialist cover ?

Given the potential numbers involved , perhaps one for CUK to handle ... given the " Block " nature of hundreds of thousands lone carers who could sleep a little easier at night ... or day ... whichever is the case.

Internet search ... round and round in ever decreasing circles ... know the feeling ?

If need be , I'll try to bounce this one off an insurance company.

Back in my banking days , had clients in this field and well as in Lloyds itself.

Any reader in / or previously in the insurance field with any thoughts ?
Life cover with built in " Personal health / injury " cover seems to be a standard product out there in 2019.

I see three problems :

1. Expensive ... probably rules out 3.5 million of the carer army by default ... others may elect not to buy cover.

2. Not retrospective ... existing conditions would mean premiums could be a lot higher.

3. Family / kinship carers ... would such a policy cover the traditional caring roles ... last thing anyone would need was to a rely on a policy wherein , possibly the small print , " Caring " is not mentioned and so excluded ?

My view ... a dead end ... tempting but , to sound out a specific type policy for carers with the Insurance industry ?

There are tasks , and there ARE tasks ?

One for the younger generation of carers out there ... time they step up to the plate !!!

It is they who will benefit from the endeavours of us " Senior citizens " , time for them to earn their crust.

Even then , how does one announce such a policy to the 7.8 million carer army ... my Russian is poor and I will never fit into a standard meerkat suit ... tempting if I could wear my beloved Leyton Orient scarf ?

Perhaps , even , a New Orleans Saints cheerleader as my " Grand-niece " ... oh well , just a thought ?

Still , not all gloom ... at least the " Problem " behind this thread is now out there ... and , as I type , 78 now know of the potential atom bomb for any carer needing hospital treatment ( Excluding some who may have read a real life thread recently posted ? ) ... port-36094

Strongly recommend to ALL to read that thread ... a rare ticking atomic bomb if ever there was one !