Feeling sooo guilty

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Mother more sleepy today. Ate well (for her) and talked a bit.

Dr said they would be talking about palliative care and that they would like a meeting with me and any other family members next week.

Poor dear old mother. She will never go home.

I left early today. Just too tired to stay. I will see her tomorrow then a friend is visiting her sunday

Just wishing you all the best at a really horrible time. You are doing really well.

Whilst I know it is so sad your Mum can't go home, you can feel proud you have done EVERYTHING you could possible have done to try and keep her at home.

Sending you strength to get through this. xx
Thank you Sally. It is very emotionally hard.

Having my sone here is an abso!ute Godsend.
It really does help sharing your worries on here, someone has always been there first.
Absolutely - I am so glad you have your son with you. xxx