jenny lucas wrote:That sounds great! And you know, even if there is a 'next time', well, enjoy this reprieve while it lasts. Plus, in a way, now you 'know' the solution - try and get him into hospital (on any pretext!) for a couple of days to be checked out by 'proper doctors' (eg, hospital ones!) who hopefully will give him another clean bill of health and send him home again reassured and revivied.

On the other hand, you know, this 'new dad' may actually last! Maybe something's changed in his head - eg, he now 'KNOWS' there isn't any seriously wrong with him, maybe seeing folk in hospital who WERE on their last legs has made him realise he'd better enjoy like as much as he can, while he can. And maybe, of course, your new 'firm love' regime is paying off.

This 'new dad' might just be for ever!

All the best :)

PS - you mention chapel. Is it worth you having a word with his minister to outline the general problems - ie, the psych ones - and ask him to do his 'religious bit' to keep your dad uplifted and optimistic (and counting his blessings). Just a thought!
Hi Jenny. Thanks!

I'm not quite so optimistic to be honest lol. Its strange to talk to him now - its as if it never happened. I still don't think its quite clicked that there was nothing wrong with him. In his head, he was fortunate that he got better helped by a hospital stay.

Of course, getting him into hospital is hard. Remember they sent him home three times after he called an ambulance. Its only when he cut h is head that he got to stay - even then they tried to send him home!

Obviously, I've seen his head now and it wasnt that bad. Something small in my head still thinks it was all too convenient the head inury to get him into hospital though.

But yes Im glad I put my foot down a bit this time. He knows now. Sadly though I think next time he gets ill he may be the same. :-(