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In Control

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I went to a "Stakeholder Event" last night with my son about the In Control sheme. We were lucky enough to be on the pilot scheme in my area, so I was interested in seeing how other people were getting on with it.
There was a really good video about a teacher who had quit work in her late 50's to care for her mum, also a former teacher, and now 90 and with memory problems and poor mobility. They had been complaining about being prisoners in their own home, inflexible services and inappropriate supports, and they were given In Control money to help them with holidays and improve their chances to get out and about, also to buy in a sitter. They were clearly benefiting and seemed very happy with the scheme - as we are, and are all the others on the pilot.
In Control is a remarkable scheme, because it puts the person with a disability and the carer at the heart of the assessment and enables them to design the service they need around the available resources. There are almost no limitations on what the cash can be spent for, which allows you to be highly creative; you can use normal community resources, buy in supports, buy equipment, employ a worker; it is very refreshing.
It is also very good value for money, because there is no waste. When you get a traditional service, you tend to hang on to it for dear life, even when it isnt working very well, because you are scared if it stops, you will get nothing. In Control isnt like that - if something doesnt work you can stop it or change it.
My husband has the equivalent, an Individual Budget, and the flexibility has been a Godsend enabling us to do things which directly-commissioned services would not have accommodated.
Sounds great to me- I do the same thing but pretty much out of my own pocket. Our LA seems to think I am sinister for doing my own thing and refusing to have their crappy offerings thrust on us. I do hang on to the repite service, even though it's caused us no end of grief, because it means my sister can do the things she likes to do in town. They have only just cottoned on to the notion that services should be user led. For years they have been the patronising dolers out of state charity to us poor souls who couldn't possibly be able to make decisions about our own lives. Absolutely dreadful Image