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hello my son has schizophrenia and hearing voices he was diagnosed at the age of 17 he is now 25. I have been with him through this nightmare journey. im now 63 and have bipolar and other health issues i get 4 hours support a week i just feel worn out and find it difficult to keep going. we have got help for a break for my son but we have to find somewhere that will care for him while being in a holiday type of setting no hospitals he wouldn,t go anyway. I don,t know if there is anywhere in Fife that has organizations that could give my son a holiday type of break preferably near the sea or forest. i have searched online but i was left feeling very confused.
Hello & Welcome Christine

I'm not in Scotland this is from a google search

Maybe try ...

https://www.disabilityscot.org.uk/organ ... pite-fife/

and speak to your local Citizens advice

It sound like you could also do with a break ..

https://www.fifecarerscentre.org/respit ... idays.html
Hi Christine,

another option is for a care worker to take him on holiday e.g. to a static caravan or chalet.

Dear Christine.
We have quite alot in common.
Our daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 18 and is now 25,
It is so hard, I feel for you.
I am not in your area but I share your pain.
I feel there needs to be far more supported living so people like our children can be more independent and safe.

Thanks for posting welcome to this forum.
I hope you get a well deserved break.
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