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Feeling Guilty

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Does anyone have thoughts of wishing it would all end and the person whom you are caring for would just die. I have these and I love my mum to bits.
At 3 in the morning with yet another nights broken sleep, worrying about paying the bills and wishing I could afford new clothes not second hand stuff from the charity shop .... the answer is a definate yes. We're only human, not masochistic saints or robots. Image
It's perfectly natural to want the suffering to end and to want the exhaustion to end.

It's also perfectly natural to feel guilty about it - it means that you don't actually want the person you're caring for dead. You're just tired.

Take care,

No need to worry about it Carwhit, we all have had these feelings I am sure.
I used to kiss my wife goodnight and say 'see you in the morning, God willing'.
And one night God took her away to a better place.
Then we just have to do what we have always done. Cope as best we can and ask for help if we need it.
bestwishes normangardner
Yes Catwhit I have these feelings. And the guilt that goes with them!
I think that one of the hard things to accept is wondering if there is going to be a point where I get my life back and will my children be grown up and left home without me having ever been able to get a day out with them again. That is something that worries me.
Take care
Love Kaydee xx
Hi kaydee, when my children were little I was working shifts including nights and weekends and lots of overtime, so I got very little time with the children. In those days men were expected to work and women to bring up the children. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I had taken less money and worked days with weekends off. Would I have reproached myself for giving them a lower material standard of living for more one to one interaction between us ? I don't know. It's too late to worry about it now, water under the bridge. All you can do is do what you think is best at the time. At least you have the knowledgs that you did your best in the circumstances.
best wishes normangardner
hi .
thankyou for your replies, it is a great help to know there are others in the same boat, i too feel life is just going by, family and friends just get fleeting times with me and this makes me feel guilty also.
thanks Norman