Thanks for the emails- really means a lot . Sometimes you just feel so alone so it's great to know there are others you can turn to who are facing a similar challenge.

We haven't been told how long dad has to live - just that it's terminal and won't get better. The Dialysis has been keeping him ticking over so just taking it day by day.

I think over Christmas dad has either been suffering with norovirus or it's a flare up of colitis which he suffered with for a while but has been in remisision for several years. I tried to get his GP to see him but she won't do a home visit (he's hemiplegic and broke his foot two weeks ago so not very mobile). She has said when he is more mobile he should go to the surgery - I was going to complain but quite frankly I'm exhausted and not sure whether it's worth creating a fuss.Have been thinking about changing his GP up I'm not sure how easy it I should to do. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you.