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Fed up with changing care workers

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Hi Bracken

I'm really sorry to hear you've had such poor service from agencies and I don't blame you for bailing out. That's what Mum and I feel like doing but unfortunately, we can't cope alone.

I agree with you that the zero hours contracts are mostly to blame for the lack of loyalty. We wouldn't have been left in the lurch by the care worker we liked if she'd not been on zero hours. She would have had to work her notice, while the agency recruited someone new.

I have read about some places where the care workers have 'normal' employee status and contracts.

I hope you can find a way to get the support you need Bracken.
Hi Henrietta

Thanks for your reply. Good to hear from you again.

That's just how I feel, 'better the devil you know' (I said about my fear of 'jumping from the frying pan into the fire' earlier). When you're not in control of which agency is chosen, you could very easily end up 'in the fire'!

So glad to hear you've found a good agency and the care workers are mostly better now. That must be such a relief for you.

I already complained to the CHC a while ago. As I said, a bit earlier, they said they had to speak to the agency and give them a chance to put things right, (I did ask for them to change to a different agency at the time).

As far as I am concerned, this is the last chance for the agency. If the new live-in, who is arriving on Sunday, turns out to be no good, for whatever reason, I will be complaining to the CHC again and they will have to do something this time.

I agree with you that it was totally unacceptable the way the last one spoke to me and to top it all off, she complained to the agency about me! The care co-ordinator called me yesterday, firstly to tell me about the new live-in (at least they've finally fulfilled their promise about calling me first about who will be coming but I still think we should be able to meet them first. If not, talk to them over the phone and if not that, be able to have a read of their cv), and secondly, to inform me that they'd had feedback from the live-in. Apparently, she said I interfere too much and that she hadn't had any breaks! I'm afraid I didn't react calmly to hearing that and told the co-ordinator in no uncertain terms what I thought about her feedback and what had really happened!

I had a look at the live-ins client report that they write each day, as I was sure she'd documented her breaks each day. She had (apart from 2 days), so I've marked them for the agency to see, so I can prove she was lying. The cheek of the woman! Every day when I came downstairs, I asked her if she wanted to go for her break.

I fail to see how I can 'interfere' in my own home and with my own mother! As I said before, we are in charge here, not the care workers.

The temporary care worker has vouched for us and it looks like the manager believes me, as apparently, she said today that they won't be giving the live-in any more assignments. She said, they won't tolerate rudeness to clients from any of their care workers.
Blue Mermaid, when I say bailing out I mean we are handing over their care lock, stock and barrel to Social Services from a set date. We live in the same house as my parents, quite legitimately and under joint ownership so they will have to take them into residential care.

We will stand firm on this date, in fact I will be flying out of the country 2 days after it so it will be SS placing them at risk after that date if they don't act swiftly, not me. I will not be treated the way we have been treated in recent weeks.
Well done Bracken. There is only so much anyone can give in the way of care.
Agreed. Care in the home doesn't work and isn't being provided to us, under the Care Act they actually have a duty to ask us if we wish to carry on caring...... yet another thing they have omitted to do!

I wonder which National paper fancies running the story?
Hi again Bracken

Sorry for the midunderstanding.

I hope it all works out for you and your parents.

All the best.
So here we are, 1 hour after our carer was due. Apparently her phone died aka ran out of battery. All their calls are on phones, including times, addresses, phone numbers etc. The office had to give her all her data again. How ridiculous, your job revolves around your phone but you can't manage to charge it, nor spend a fiver on an in car charger? Really? And so it goes on, God knows what time she will show, if at all.
How awful Bracken and ridiculous as you say. I hope they did turn up in the end. I would say better late than never if they did but with some of these care workers that isn't true!

Temporary live in left yesterday, (the one we liked who used to live in just at weekends) and new live in arrived in her place. So far so good but I always say that at the beginning. I will report back when she's been here longer.

Manager was here yesterday. I spoke to her briefly about the 2 bad experiences recently (thief and then the control freak!). Her attitude was, I should forget about them now and move on. I was expecting an apology at least. Not that I know if she has anything directly to apologise for but an apology would have been appreciated.

Hoist arriving on Wednesday. OT will be making appointment to come and see all ok and demonstrate. Manager of agency said she wants to come to see all ok too. They both think there might be a problem, because of the carpeting.
All of these accounts of poor quality and regularity of care are horrific. It is hard enough being responsible for ensuring someone's care is in place without all the hassle that has been going on.

We too had to deal with the issue of stealing from our mother - 3 different carers.

In 18 months we had 43 different carers come to look after mother - incredible but true. There was no empathy, no warmth, no feeling from the vast majority of them. It was really depressing to see our mother come to this.

However, that all changed when we decided to take a Direct Payment and employ our own carers. We interviewed, decided who should be carers for mother and the difference was outstanding.

We were worried about all the hassle of becoming an employer but we discovered that in almost every local authority area there is a dedicated organisation that is there to take over all the technical stuff tat most people worry about.

They helped us and advised us on every aspect of getting a Direct Payment and then how to operate it. However, we are the people in control of what now takes place regarding mother's care.

It was not only a great relief for us but we could see a slight improvement in mother and that was really heartening. This was because she was now seeing the same carers all of the time and we have rarely had to interview for anyone else.

As far as having a live-in carer is concerned, there is a little known benefit.

I hope that it works in other local authority areas and I know of a few who do this.

If you have a room set aside for use by a live-in carer, use it for storing essential equipment or use it for physiotherapy or exercise, then you can have your Council Tax band reduced by one band. Therefore saving quite a bit of cash.

If the person you are caring for can still use the telephone but has problems with using a phone book - for whatever reason - then try getting on to the BT 195 scheme.

BT 195 provides free Directory Enquiries for people who find it hard to use a phone book. As it can now cost as much as £8.00 for a single enquiry from a commercial company, this too can save some cash.

Simply dial 195 and ask for registration and they will send you a form to complete. When completed and accepted, then you are good to go within a couple of days.

Good luck to all with your future caring roles.
That the sheer amount of carers you have gone through in a short space of time doesn't surprise me is disgusting isn't it. We have had exactly the same. Last night the carer was nearly an hour late. We have a new call Guardian system on our phone and by all accounts she couldn't figure out how to say her name and press the hash button in order to get the call through to us???!!!!

Bet they can all operate Facebook, Twitter etc though!

I despair.