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Going through a period of change in terms of my wife's care. Seems to be a constant flow of professionals from health and social care. The one constant output from all parties is another task for me to do. I only refused one and that was would I do the colonic washout. Looking after Ros is really now a job. I think the idea of being an "informal carer" is long gone. I am allegedly retired. I have a schedule which starts at 7am and every hour from then till about 8pm has a task in it. This excludes housework, shopping etc.
Has anyone mentioned NHS Continuing Healthcare to you?
Good Lord, of course you can't do a colonic irrigation! What idiot suggested that! For a start, surely it's DANGEROUS - you could cause substantial damage. And besides, however loving a relationship one has, I don't think ANY of us would want our spouse doing that!!!!!! (Bad enough having a medic doing it!
I know exactly what you mean. I live with my 95 year old mum. She has four carer visits, physical therapist, district nurses, palliative care nurse. I'm expected to sort out the meds between doctor and chemist, do PT excercises twice daily, arrange transportation for hospital visits and accompany mum, along with laundry, ordering continence catheter, bedsore supplies, cook, clean, shop for mum.

The palliative care nurse once said I should just give mum her sleeping pill at 10pm, rather than 9pm and I am already up at 6:30 making hot chocolate!

One time, An A&E nurse thought the district nurse ought to train me to do a bladder flush out so we wouldn't have so many a&e trips for catheter blockages in the middle of the night!

If anything were to go wrong our heads would be on the chopping block,. rest assured.

There is a certain amount of befriending that goes on between family carer and health/social worker that leads to the family member feeling obliged to do what we are asked. After all these visitors to the house may be the only people we see day in and day out!
The limit for Continuing Healthcare is someone needing more care than Social Services can provide, i.e. needing care from a trained nurse.
From what I've read you should definitely be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare. Ask the GP to make a referral.