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Family Involvement in Assessments? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Family Involvement in Assessments?

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Apologies, Social Services Department. In that case, don't worry too much about Continuing Healthcare. Get the local Social Services to do their assessment asap. Authorities have a reciprocal arrangement. Normally they are required to honour the assessment of the previous authority until they have done their own. It's in the Care Act Guidance somewhere.
https://assets.publishing.service.gov.u ... update.pdf

This is probably what you need to read.
Ah OK. I understood that if we get CHC then the full cost of care can be funded whereas if it is social care funded only part may be funded, depending on the personal budget.

The social care assessor said he is going to submit an application to a panel for nursing care next week, so maybe that might be good enough? I have sent some strongly worded emails today so we will see what happens with those and with the social care assessment.

I do hope that something can happen soon and my mother can be transferred up here soon. Thanks for your help.
Yes, but since mum has limited savings, Social Services will take most of mum's pension, and leave her with £25 approximately from her pension and pay a share of the rest of her fees anyhow. Financial assessments are based entirely on the client's assets. Maybe contact the local council about vacancies and financial assessments asap? Hampshire has a page where vacancies are updated daily.

CHC is totally free care. If someone owns a property, then the value of that property is considered by Social Services, but with CHC, income, savings, and property are not assessed as it's part of the NHS Free care. As mum doesn't have a property, I'd just concentrate on finding someone you like near you. However, you will need to check with the home first that they accept Social Services funded patients.

This then leaves the question of getting her there. Start by contacting your local ambulance service. They may not do it themselves, but if that is the case, they will be able to tell you who can help. Since mum is going to have a financial assessment, the cost of this is almost irrelevant, because if her savings go down because of the cost of the ambulance, she will pay less.
Thanks Bowlingbun, there clearly is a lot to consider. I am taking it one step at a time but yes I had appreciated the financial impacts of CHC and social care.

I have had some success this morning. Apologies sent for not consulting me about the checklist assessment, plus a copy of the assessment received. I have challenged the assessment of some of the domains and again the person was very willing to take my points on board and a review of the assessment is now going to be undertaken.

So some encouraging developments this morning.

Well done. It's all so stressful.
Yes it is but this feels like a small win so a good day.
That sounds like a really positive step forward... whether an assessor has an accommodating mindset or not has a big impact on the effort and stress involved!
Yes I think so William and even if a complete assessment is not undertaken I feel reassured that my mother’s needs will be reassessed in some way (perhaps by social services) and that I will be consulted more about her needs. So I am feeling hopeful this evening.