Family Carer As An Occupation ?

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One still simmering from a few months ago.

To save our own Advice Team time and effort responding to a " General " question ( The UC rollout being a ticking time bomb for them just as it is for many readers and their carees ) , I have asked the following on another forum , with a parent / carer section , to see what their own " On Board " advisors make of it :

On many online and written application forms for many services , including insurance , entering FAMILY CARER as an occupation does not compute with most.

From the drop down menu on some , none of the " Occupations " fit , and many family carers would shoe horn in the occupation which fitted the best.

Assume an application for £ 100K + life insurance policy ... a sizeable chunk in any readers mind.

Could a claim be rejected due to an " Error " on the original application ... said claimant was not , say , an employed care worker , but " Merely " a family carer ?

An error which could change the sums involved or any other material consideration.

Any case law on this ?

Or , a potential time bomb for one , or more , family carers ?

On Board advisors ( ? ) ... pros and cons ... the danger being a reader shoe horning any published reply into his / her own problem and then acting on it incorrectly ... there is " No one size fits all " solution to most problems ... every situation is subtlety different ... sometimes , even a comma out of place can make a difference ( American law case ... and not $1 million or $10 million as one might expected ) !

Even the infamous post code lottery ... accepted by one LA , rejected by another ... both reading from the same script !

I'll post any rely received.
Not unsurprisingly , a scratching of heads , but no replies.

One which will NOT go away ... definately for the Advice Team IF any reader suffers a loss as a direct result.

In which event , the alarm bells will sound ... how many days / weeks / months / years after the first warning ?

" Warning of possible icebergs ahead ... Captain Smith ? "

If court preceeding are needed , another payday for the legal fraternity ... win or lose ?

Against , potentially , a multi billion pound corporate entity ... your GBP 100,000 or so ... a day's interest for them ?

Pocket change ... and yet there may be 200 or more policies on their books that can be voided if they win.

Perhaps they feel sorry for you ... or , more apt , good for their public image ?

This thread is here ... a warning ... feel lucky punk ?