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oh man i did the shopping last week with trolley whilst hubby was in bed ill. Iv done my blooming back in. Ouch!!! hope doc dosnet put me into hospital or anything. Am on 4mg diazepam daly n mefamic acid n paracetemol. It like spasms in lower back n havnt been out 4 a week. Was crying today. The pains unbearable. Is t trapped nerve i wonder?
Aw Babe ((((hugs)))) I hope the pills help.

Have you tried using a TENS machine?
The one I have came from Lloyds the chemist and was around £15. Image
Honestly, it's really helped me, I use it along side Tramadol for a really bad shoulder and it soothes it so I don't need to cry! Image

marie x
Hi Marie

I have the same Tens machine and Tramadol for my Sciatica and I also have Osteo Arthritis.
And it work's for me with the Sciatica but not so much with the Osteo Arthritis.
Good little machine you are right about £15.
Hope you feel better soon, hubby has chronic back pain and the doc gave him loads of tramadil and he only took one and it affected him badly, I thought of a TENS machine for him whilst he waits for that injection into your spine
PHEW doc gave me co-codamol the pains literally gone thnks God 4 this. It such relief and using mefenamic acid too. Am seeing phisio wedsday thnsk peeps Image
Hi Shandy,

Make sure you eat properly even if you don`t feel like it. The co-codamol has the tendancy to cause constipation and the mefenamic acid will errode the stomach lining if taken without food. I speak from experience.

Hope the pain remains eased off.

Take care
Having almost got better from my dose of Pleurisy, this is my fourth week, I am now left with the crippling (sorry) pain down my right side (sprained muscle from the coughing). I am taking some Tramadol (Zydol - same thing, different name) on my doc's advice. Works wonders. Hubby has it for muscle spasms in his neck and back. It's good stuff. The good news is, though, that I'm not wearing my bra! because the strap presses on my ribs excaserbating the pain. Yippee, freedom.
tnks peoples so glad to be able to talk to ya all
went to heat treatment at phisio dept at hospital they lent me tens macine (wonder if thyell let me keep it 4 good) probably not LOL and am on crutches which help me too. Have had a meal out with mum today in town which i toally enjoyed !!1 love u all thnks 4 ur feedbacks
Well Shandy our Physio team will lend you a TENS machine and if you find it any good they will sell you one reasonably cheaply. I agree with everyone else on this - they are really good but they do vary in price. The one from LLoyds Chemist is about the cheapest on the market, other chemists sell them too, but at around £30 each.

When my back was really bad earlier this year (spinal stenosis) my GP referred me to a Back Rehabilitation Course at our Physio Dept - it was very good; they gave us talks about chronic back (long standing pain) and what causes it and how to live with it. They also showed us Pilates exercies to strengthen our core muscles - all very helpful. I'm still doing the exercises !

I've noticed that bad backs seem to be the number 1 ailment with Carers - must be all that bending over backwards to satisfy Social Services that we need help Image Image Image