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Extreme Caring Situations

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Hi Roy

I do actually know about the geology of Scotland.

HI Bowling bun

You are more than welcome.

In the hospitals around here there are notices about not being abusive to staff. They must know their staff are in dire need of a slap if they feel the need to put up these notices.

I am damned cheeky for a midget!!! LOL

I work in a hospital and I'm a carer as well, and I actually find this post really upsetting.

I have been spat in my face (requiring anti-HIV meds and 6 months of blood testing) and I have been physically assaulted. That's not even to mention the endless verbal abuse.

Am I "in dire need" of a slap? Well I drag myself in every day with a smile on my face, even when I've had no sleep as my husband is threatening suicide yet again... I have chronic health problems of my own but can't justify taking time off work to go get them looked at as I always think of the patients that need my help, or have to save my annual leave ready for my husbands next 'episode'

The NHS system is failing, and every day it's lurching closer to the Abyss. We keep struggling on doing as much as we can with less money, and less staff, and more abuse.

And every time I think the next time I get abuse, or shoved, or spat at, just for coming to work and trying to help people, it'll be the last time. But like a mug, I keep coming back.
There are many doctors and nurses who are outstanding in their care and treatment of their patients and Carers, however there are some I have met who just don't want to know that we are all, staff and users, entitled to be treated with respect and kindness.
I stood one day at a Nurses Station on a ward. The nurse in charge ignored me and continued to talk to her colleague. She seemed very pleased that I could hear her account of how she had been out for 3 nights on the trot partying and drinking! This nurse then told me that my wife's 'case' had been passed to a Social Worker as though I had not the slightest idea of my wife's dire needs for survival! I had looked after my wife's illness for more years than this nurse had been alive! End of conversation, in other words discussion over, go away. My wife subsequently died as a direct result of medical and physical damage she received on this ward. Despite my desperate pleas to the Chief Executive of the hospital concerned!!!
Just a quick message to let you know I've moved this thread to 'All about caring' as it seems to fit better there than the newbie part of the forum.

Best wishes,

Re my last post:- I wrote to the Chief Executive personally regarding the neglect and injury that my wife had suffered at the hands of his ward staff. I received a 'whitewash' of a reply with HE trying to blame I know not whom for the events that subsequently led to my wife's death. My wife was sent to his hospital to give me some respite from 24 hour Caring and herself the right to the proper treatment to which she was entitled. My wife was admitted ill but surviving but she was discharged by his staff dying.
Not long after I wrote again to the C.Exec. and told him of my wife's death threatening Legal Action. In reply I received a letter from PAL's ( Patient Liaison ), advising me to contact, ' Action Against Medical Accidents ', whoever they are supposed to be!
A bit late in the day for my wife was it not?
To the Moderators of this site or Officials of Carers UK.
I have spent over 20 years of my life campaigning for Carers and the rights of they and the people they look after. I have spoken to Emily H. and many others at Carers UK personally on the 'phone on occasions in the past. I have also had conversations with hospital Managers,various Disabled Charities etc and have been to the Royal College of Physicians in London, written to the PCT on Continuing Health Care, my MP, Government Depts and any number of personal interventions that I felt would help to concentrate the Nation's mind on this seemingly intractable problem - yet to this day I see nothing that gives me hope for the sanity of desperate Carers who are working themselves into a early grave! GRAVE indeed is the only word I find I can use in this awful situation.
In one respect I am glad to be a mere ' bystander ' now that I am no longer a Carer myself but can the death of a loved one be our only release in this appallingly lax field of human activity???

Are you an ex-lawyer or solicitor or something? There's a newbie called Lindzl and her really sick nana and niece who are being threatened with homelessness by their HA. Perhaps you could advise her? She's under the introduce yourself bit, and posted for the first time today.

Good luck in your campaign to bring nasty nurses to justice (but there are excellent ones too; the one's who looked after my mum' in hospital for a stroke, treated her as if she were their own nana, and showed her nothing but the greatest respect and kindness; nothing was too much trouble for them.)
There are many nurses out there who are worth their weight in gold.
One such from yonks ago turned to me and said, " it's not like it used to be in the old days, is it Roy?". Another Asian nurse looked after my Pat as though Pat was her own Mother!