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Extreme Caring Situations

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Hi Jenny

I don't suppose Ward sisters can actually get a joiner to break into the house. I would have had the police out and my family who are all bouncers on the premises too. However she did manage to scare an 87 year old man with multiple health conditions and multiple organs in failure into complying with her wishes. Such a brave (unprintable). We will see how brave she is when she is jobless. I will pressure the Nursing and Midwifery Council into withdrawing her registration and if that fails there are Sheriff Courts, High Courts and Back Courts! I utterly detest nurses now, she was not the only bullying, self important half witted muppet I came across. I was just Mr X's daughter to them but what was my job before giving up to care? That they will find out when I use every legal way to ensure that those who were the most uncaring people are no longer licenced to be nurses.
Karma sometimes needs a push start.
I have not the 'Gallic' as you so kindly ask, wish I did!
Just an interest in all things N'Alba. Cuimhnich an Tabhartas Prionnsa! As I think it says on a bottle of Drambuie.
My wife is a descendant of Clan Gunn, nee Corkill of MacCorkill of that Ilk. That warlike tribe of the offspring of A'Thorquill in Wick, I believe.
Their Latin motto 'Aut Pax Aut Bellum', Either Peace or War, is more my scene.
My meagre grasp of Gaelic is limited to making at least a Sassenach's poor attempt at saying the names of the Scottish Hills in a reasonable fashion.
I don't like Mellan Tee, for instance on Ben Nevis as the locals say. Shouldn't it be Myowl an Tee? And Oenach Mor not, A-yon-ach Mor? Cuhl not Cool? Oenach Aycach not A-yon-ach Eecach. I sit or stand corrected as necessary. My friend Wilma from Muirshearlich teaches me, well tries to teach me, my Gaelic but she's on a loser I think!
Hi Roy

I am at the Mod at Paisley on BBC Alba this week. My family compete in them.

Thanks for another idea Duncaring. Never thought about using the the possibility of going to the Nurses Council. Real food for thought!
HI Bowling bun

You are more than welcome.

In the hospitals around here there are notices about not being abusive to staff. They must know their staff are in dire need of a slap if they feel the need to put up these notices.

I am damned cheeky for a midget!!! LOL

Image Image Image Image
Good Morning Duncaring and Others!
I did not wish to appear to be rude last night by disappearing without signing off, I thought I'd posted a couple more comments to you all but think these got lost somewhere or were deemed inappropriate by the Moderators!
Re the Mod on BBC Alba I am a born and bred Bristolian and have never lived more than 3 miles from where I was born. Modern 'tech' drives me wild, like using this 'ere iPad and my clumsy fingers lose most of my contact mails which are now apparently being read by the inhabitants of Alpha Centuri or some other Galaxy or another! And not your good selves!
Give me a pen and paper, mates, that's all I've ever needed.
hello Roy, know wot you mean about fingers keyboard on iPad. I find it helpful to use one of the pen type things with a rubber( ?) tip designed specially for this purpose.
Hi Duncaring,

It's not just the nurses who fail, it's ward receptionists as well. Mum was admitted to hospital last December very ill, and after being in hospital for 5 days we were told that she was on open visiting as she was in multiple organ failure. I phoned the hospital and said we were coming in to see Mum, (you had to let them know, because ward was kept locked apart from visiting times!) The ward receptionist said, and I'll never forget her words. Why would you want to visit outside visiting hours and when I told her Mum was on open visiting she turned round and said that we couldn't visit until after 1pm because of protected patient meal times. Oh red rag to a bull that was. Phoned advice centre and complained and then got a phone call from ward sister to apologise. Mum died at 11.15 that morning within couple of hours of us getting there. Ended up writing letter of complaint about that and also the nursing care (that's another story). They ended up sacking the receptionist (she was on short term contract). Even the doctor was rubbish, Mum had a perforated ulcer and was in so much pain I asked him for some analgesic. He said well, she's written up for paracetamol and she was nil by mouth. Couldn't believe it, I asked him for morphine (this was the night before she died) which he agreed to. Anyway in the letter we received back about complaints, they've promised to improve their procedures. We weren't the only relatives that weren't happy with the care.

Made me feel better, didn't really help poor Mum while she was in, but hopefully things have improved for other patients.
Hi Dogloverlabs

What a dreadful thing to happen in the last day/hours of your mother's life. I have absolutely no idea what form of life works in hospitals. My "sister" (depends how she feels whether she is related to us) works in a hospital in an Administrative Post. She didnt show face for 15 years and then turned up the very day that my dad died, she then pretended to be friendly towards me, then 20 months after my dad's death without saying a word to me wrote a half baked letter to the solicitor demanding her legal rights. I wrote to her husband. She then lied to the lawyer that her husband became ill as a result of my letter. I emailed some cousins who advised me that my brother in law was seen hale and hearty, talking, laughing and joking while downing plenty alcohol. The fact that she is a hospital employee suits her - she is as ignorant as is required.
The hospital my dad was in was recently in the newspaper about a young man of 21 who died. Kat put the article in the September Roll Call for me. I have been friendly with that family for over 40 years. These hospital are literally getting away with murder/ We need to do something to stop the conduct in hospital and ensure that those who fail to meet expectations are busted out the door for ever.
My daughters saw all that happened to me as a carer, no wonder they do not want to be the last one left with the "old mother".