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the current carers Allowance is £50.55 to be paid this a carer has to provide the caree with 35 hours care (MINIMUM) Therefore the Carer gets paid £1.44 per hour (MAXIMUM.) However there are carers who pretty much provide 24/7 care which is 168 hours, meaning they are paid £0.31 an hour!!!!!

surely if it was someone working in a sweatshop in Indonesia for Primark then everyone would be up in arms about. You'd have the middle-class, C list celebs making those heartwrenching adverts to explain about exploitation.

Does this happen to carers? Does it balls!!
Someone who works in a sweat shop would love to earn 31p an hour some are paid only £1 a day so less than 10p per hour as they work for 12 or more hours a day
Don't forget those who get no financial recognition of their caring role due to the overlapping benefit rule and are therefore working 168 hours gratis, for nothing, and those who are only entitled to the Carers Premium paid with means-tested benefits, the very poorest carers, who get a mean £27.75 which works out at £0.16 per hour.

I think that it's impossible to make comparisons, we're talking about relative poverty in our case as opposed to absolute poverty in the third world, we have decent roofs over our heads, clean water and food, albeit not necessarily good quality food but none of us are actually starving or entirely dependent on carbohydrates without the addition of protein or other nutritional necessities. Each case needs to stand on its own merits, the rationale for paying us a decent income is very different to that of sweatshop workers but equally compelling, we just haven't yet learned how to make our case public in a way that will make a measurable difference but we're working on it and we will get the public support we need to ensure that we're no longer exploited, it just takes time and a willingness to forget any differences and all speak with one voice.
there are alot of carers that care for a loved one that don't even get care allowance etc and they work for nothing thats exploitation at its poorest.